Electricity for N200/day from your phone.

This is good, in fact too good to be true. You can now recharge your electricity source for as low as N200 per day via your mobile phone.

The cable reports that MTN Nigeria in collaboration with Nova-Lumos has introduced mobile electricity, a service where you can have power-on-demand and pay as low as N200 from your mobile phone.

Lumos mobile electricity provides solar electricity that can power your small home electrical appliances on a lease to own basis.

The statement stated that “In keeping with its commitment of improving the quality of lives of customers in Nigeria and making it a whole lot brighter, MTN in partnership with Nova-Lumos and the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) have launched MTN mobile electricity to make available modern electricity to millions of homes and businesses in Nigeria through reliable solar systems on a per-use plan”.

“Lumos mobile electricity provides households and businesses with modern solar electricity that can power lights, mobile phones, fans, hair clippers, computers, TVs and other small electronic devices (all at once, every day); for as low as N200 per day which you can conveniently pay with your airtime from your MTN line.

“The Lumos mobile electricity solution includes a large solar panel linked to an indoor storage unit that allows customers to access significant amounts of power on-demand, day or night.”

Customers can choose a suitable payment plan which can be done in instalments over a 5 year period with a full product guarantee during the lease period.

“The service is provided on a lease to own basis, and the cost is spread over a 5-year term, so customers can choose a suitable plan from the plan options and pay for usage in small instalments using their MTN line just the same way they purchase data packages,” the statement read.

“Customers also receive a full product guarantee during the lease period, providing peace of mind and quality assurance. Visit any MTN walk-in-centres nationwide and plug into Lumos mobile electricity.”


Source: The Cable

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