Mubarak free to go home.

Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak will be going home soon.
The public prosecutor ruled on Monday that the ailing 88yr old who was overthrown as president of Egypt in the 2011 uprising will be allowed to go home from the military hospital where is being detained.

Speaking on the issue his lawyer Farid El Deeb said.“He will go to his home in Heliopolis,” 

Egypt’s top appeals court had on March 2 finally acquitted Mubarak of involvement in the killing of protesters during the revolt that removed him from office after 30 years in power.

He was accused of causing the deaths of protesters by incitement during the 18-day revolt, in which about 850 people were killed as demonstrators clashed with police.

Mubarak was initially sentenced to life imprisonment in 2012, but a retrial was ordered by an appeal court and the charges were dismissed in 2014.

He had one more jail sentence to serve but was cleared after serving time for the murder charges, judicial sources and the state news agency said.

The prosecution subtracted the time served in the murder case from the time he was meant to serve for a separate case in which he was found guilty of appropriating funds reserved for maintaining presidential palaces. 

Mubarak’s elected successor, Mohamed Morsi, served for only a year before he was toppled in a military coup and has been locked up since 2013. The coup sparked a crisis that has killed scores of people including security men.

A subsequent crackdown on his supporters led to death sentences after speedy trials. Morsi himself has been tried severally and remains behind bars.

Critics say that releasing Mubarak who is a friend of the west while detaining Morsi a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood is a recipe for future crisis.



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