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The safety sleeper: For special needs children

The ingenuity of a mum with an autistic child


I came across this amazing story and thought it could come in handy for some families with special needs children.

A journey which started in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA a decade ago has earned this genius of a mum the exporter of the year award as her revenue hit the $1m mark with exports to about a dozen countries

Rose Morris and her husband have been having sleepless nights battling with how to get more sleeping time for their son Abram who had been diagnosed with autism at a young age. 

With no quick fix available she tapped into her inventive skills to find a long-term solution. She designed a perfect portable bed system for special needs called the safety sleeper. She then registered a company, Abram’s Bed LLC, and in so doing embarked on an entrepreneurial journey that would grow beyond her wildest imagination.

Watch as she explains her invention in the video below.




Source: Autism Live Youtube

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