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greyscaleIn an age of abundant information with incommensurate knowledge, this site aims to separate the wheat from the chaff in delivering dynamic and worthwhile engagement. It is not the average news blog!

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About me

For a man who set out to study medicine but eventually graduated as an Accountant that found himself doing business for about a decade before proceeding to obtain a Masters Degree in Political Communications, it is fair to say that I can be different things to different people. I have almost two decades of experience in the oil and gas sector with companies like Con Oil Plc, Total Plc, and NNPC. However, I have streamlined my business activities to focus more on creativity. 

People write for various reasons but whether or not we are influenced by written texts is largely dependent on us, so I am often satisfied with writing to inform and entertain. My written works have been published on sites like Nigeria village square, Saharareporters, and medium.com . I also contribute to commentaries in broadcast media like Abs , Channelstv and on the interactive Aljazeera platform The Stream. Currently, I write a weekly column for the Daily Times, the oldest Nigerian newspaper. 


I undertake academic research in media and communications and have conducted officially commissioned surveys for the Economist and Anambra State Environmental Protection Agency ANSEPA. I am currently collaborating with two publishing firms Montage Africa Magazine and Mkpoko Ikenga Ltd as a columnist and a consultant respectively while teaming up with Imaginefy to develop an initiative for participation and empowerment in Nigeria.


I am equally involved in activism and voluntary support to developmental projects in my local community at home and abroad. When I’m free I enjoy quality time with my family, watching movies, traveling and visiting friends. I value honesty, compassion, intelligence, and equity.

Now that’s that’s about it, so if you believe just like me that poverty of the mind can be eradicated by properly informing the uninformed then I urge you to join me and let’s build great things together. Reach me with your proposal via my contact page or social media handles. In short just get in touch below.

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