Special relationship trauma?

He will have seen May as that most desperate of creatures: the house buyer who rashly sold her old house before she had found a new one. Having tossed away Britain’s keys to the European single market, she will soon be homeless – and Trump knows it. ~ Jonathan Freedland

mayyIt was never going to be easy for the UK to exit the EU but it appears it will be even more difficult than I envisaged for Theresa May, while the UK has lost its old partners it now seeks a new one in Trump, a selfish wheeler-dealer who obviously puts profit ahead of all that wacky “special relationship” gibberish. The man is about what you are bringing to the table.

I am watching with keen interest as events unfold with my coke and popcorn.

Freedland does justice to the almost embarrassing scramble by May to visit the White House in this wonderfully written piece originally published in the Guardian.


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