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Miracle: A Poem by Stephen Ayilegbe


In the depths of winter, when the days grow short

And the world is blanketed by a quiet snow

We gather around the fire, with loved ones near

And celebrate the miracle of Christ’s birth long ago.

For on a cold and starry night, in a humble stable

Amidst the hay and animals lowing

The Son of God was born, a tiny babe

Whose coming signalled the dawn of a new day glowing.

He came to bring us hope and peace

To heal our brokenness and sin

To show us that love conquers all

And that in Him we can be born again.

So we light our candles, sing our carols

And share in the joy of Christmas morn

Knowing that Christ’s love surrounds us

And that we are never alone.

But as the winter fades and spring draws near

We prepare for another miracle to come

For on Easter Sunday, we celebrate

The triumph of life over death, of light over the dark and glum.

For on a cross, upon a hill called Golgotha

Christ gave his life, for you and me

To free us from the grip of sin and death

And to give us hope for all eternity.

He rose again on the third day, just as he said

Breaking the chains of death and despair

Proving that love and grace can conquer all

And that He is always with us, everywhere.

So we gather on Easter morn, in our finest clothes

With hearts full of wonder and awe

Knowing that Christ’s love has redeemed us

And that we have been given a new life, a new law.

For the miracle of Easter and Christmas

Is not just about the events of long ago

But about the eternal love of God

That we can experience every day, as we go.

So let us embrace this love with open hearts

And let it fill us up and overflow

For in Christ, we have everything we need.

And in Him, we are forever made whole

As we reflect on the miracle of Easter and Christmas

We are reminded of the love that never fades

A love that surpasses all understanding

A love that we could never have made.

For in the story of Easter and Christmas

We see the power of redemption and grace

We see the sacrifice of a perfect Savior

And the hope that comes in His embrace.

In the shadows of Good Friday

We witness the weight of sin and despair

Yet in the light of Easter morning

We see the victory that Christ did share.

For in His resurrection, we find new life

A life that is filled with hope and light

A life that overcomes the darkness

And shines with a love that is ever-bright.

And in the story of Christ’s birth at Christmas

We see the wonder of a promise kept

A promise of a Savior who would come

To heal the wounds that had been wept.

We see the miracle of a baby born

In a manger filled with straw

A baby who would change the world

And fulfil the prophecy of old.

For in the miracle of Easter and Christmas

We see the hand of God at work

We see the depth of His great love for us

And the mercy that He did not shirk.

So let us rejoice in these miracles of faith

And let them inspire us to live with love

Let us spread the light of Easter and Christmas

And bring hope to those in need of.

For in the story of Easter and Christmas

We find the peace that we all seek

A peace that comes from knowing Christ

And from surrendering to His will meek.

So may the miracle of Easter and Christmas

Be always present in our hearts and minds

And may we share this gift with others

As we journey through life’s twists and binds.

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