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The Emotional Side Of God by Chisom Arueze.

I have come to understand that people in Africa didn’t joke with the wise saying “spare the rod, and spoil the child”. They often used the rod, but didn’t know how often they were hurting the child.

Coming Home? by Humble Ogbonna.

It was a battle of survival for him. The ferocious beast with blood-shot eyes was looking at him in rage. It weighed about 500 pounds, with claws as sharp as the sword of a skilled swordsman.

The Devil’s Face by Augusta Ndeche.

That hadn’t been the plan, but when he threatened to release the picture on social media if Ada ever accused him of rape, I got so furious and stabbed him three time in the chest. I couldn’t let the world know that Ada was a rape victim.

VAT Legal Tussle: The Implications And Solutions by Chukwuemeka Oluka.

While states of the federation anticipate the final judgment on VAT administration, it is being suggested that they should prepare for a transition period of VAT regime if the final verdict goes in their favour.

The Revenge by Victor Oladejo.

Mary walked to the incense stove on the table. She gazed at the branding rod at the center of the glowing charcoal. She smiled. She had rehearsed this moment over and over again. This was the last part of her plan.

The VAT Collection Imbroglio And The Constitution by Abdulrasaq Ariwoola

In conclusion, it might be audacious to presume that the Court of Appeal or the Supreme Court will uphold the decision of the Federal High Court and hold the VAT Act as invalid. Nonetheless, it is a welcome development, considering its effect on revenue generation and allocation in the country.

Stoic by Peace Habila.

‘Your husband is cheating on you. I saw him a while ago caressing and fondling another lady at a hotel lobby’, she said without pausing to breathe in or out. ‘Men will always be men’, she repeated in a pitch of voice typical of an angry parent scolding a naughty child.

Betrayal by Humble Ogbonna.

His arms were big and strong like an African baobab tree, his chest was firm and sturdy like the impregnable wall of ancient Babylon. She wished the distance to her car was farther so she could enjoy his company all the more.

A Thousand Tomorrows by Roselyn Sho-Olajide.

A moment of awkward silence passed, as Serena didn’t know what to say. She was too stunned for words. She could feel the words clogging her throat, afraid of coming out through her mouth. She didn’t want to say the wrong thing.

It’s Fun Time by Johnson Onyedikachi.

Pointing his Beretta M9 to Bilie's head, Acid broke up in controlled laughter, taunting Bilie's crippled pleas. He wasn’t called Acid for nothing and so even when he appeared distracted, with a firearm in his right hand, Acid was more to be feared than a puff adder.

The Killer Revealed by Roselyn Sho-Olajide.

Jeremy quietly let himself through the window. The determination to find out what exactly his father was up to, dragged him out of the comfort of his bed and diminished every thread of fear in him.

Reviewing The CBN’s Position On The Spraying Of Naira Notes by...

The mere fact that spraying of Naira notes is a cultural thing doesn't rubbish the CBN's concerns or reasons for seeking the law's full implementation

Essay Competition: Week 38 Winners.

Abdulrazaq Ariwoola and Roselyn Sho-Olajide are our winners for week 38. 

Topics: Essay Competition Week 39.

For #Week39 of the #CmonionlineEssayCompetition choose a topic from your preferred genre and write to possibly emerge as one of the winners of our N60,000 cash prize.

Spraying The Naira: Is the CBN Or The Police A Toothless...

What the country needs now is deliberate enforcement of Section 21(1) of the CBN Act. But enforcement of the law is not for the CBN alone. Law enforcement agents should rise to the occasion and perform their statutory roles to save the Naira from lingering abuse.

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