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Committee of Friends Palaver by Chukwuemeka Oluka

when the words, ‘committee of friends’ are mentioned, what readily comes to your mind?

Triumph of the Virgin: A Poem by Becky Peleowo

I thought he would be the missing piece of my puzzle. At the dawn of our acquaintance I was his idol; loved and adored.

How The Diaspora Can Improve Productivity In Africa.

We can create similar digital groups, tribes, communities for knowledge and skill acquisition in tech, arts, fashion, catering, marketing, photography etc

What Do You do for a living?

We are, you might say, “brainwashed” into thinking that money is the source of happiness while what we really need to know is that inner peace is something that comes from within. ~Dalai Lama

How A Father Should Raise His Son.

There are no cast-iron rules for raising a child and what works for you may fail another. However, every rational person will agree that beating a child repeatedly is abusive and detrimental to his well being. Having a child is a right but raising one is a responsibility and the best training a father can give a son is to live by example.

Why Embarrass Chimamanda?

  I saved this photo of Chief Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie since the day she was confered with the chieftaincy title, Odeluwa Abba. I had since wanted...

Journey To A New Beginning: A Poem by Caleb Olawuni

Listen more, slow down, and say I love you. Stop for a moment; take a breath, take in the view.

I Was Served Breakfast by Gloria Diji

“Calm down he is coming from Asaba, maybe there is traffic”. He told me two weeks ago that he got an appointment in Asaba, a very big contract he had said, he would love to see me first before going to his house, when he returned. Probably the Lagos traffic held him, I couldn’t tell and I didn’t even what to think about it.

Love For Love by Okoroma Favourite.

"A wink was the only conversation I've ever had with her - Ella. And now she hates me? Was I wrong to have winked?". "But...

Identity Crisis: Dressing As A Means Of Identification And Distinction by Aaron Livingstone.

  The world we live in today is filled with so many diverse ideologies and theories on different subjects, ranging from religion, politics, education, etc....

Throes Of A Drug Addict by Esther Oluwatuyi.

Every time I felt bored, depressed and sometimes happy, I rushed to stay in front of the TV set. Everyone at home noticed I never left the TV remote as I...

Letter From The Future by Folarin Oluwatimilehin.

The President,  Federal Republic of Nigeria.    Dear Sir,  LETTER FROM THE FUTURE  It might seem weird when you see the date on this letter. My intention is not to scare you,...

National Identity And Pride: An Intense Scrutiny by Chukwuemeka Oluka

If an “Emeka” who is born in Lagos, grew up in Lagos and had never lived in the South-East throughout his life claims the...

Just Like In The Novels by Johnson Onyedikachi.

“I can find out right down to the colour of her panties,” Obasi said, smiling confidently. “Anything you want to know, I will find...

The Advocate by Roselyn Sho – Olajide.

One look at the stick, and Tessa’s heart flipped several times. She felt as if she was mull kicked in the gut; she was...

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