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More Arab Muslims than American Christians believe Christ will return.

In 2012 a survey conducted by the Pew Research centre found that over 50% of Muslims in Lebanon, Iraq and Tunisia believe in the “imminent return” of Jesus. The figure was a little below half in Morocco and the Palestinian regions. Outside the Arab world, more than half of Muslims in countries like Malaysia, Turkey, Pakistan and Thailand say Jesus will definitely come back during their lifetime.

By contrast however, in America where Trump is deceiving some gullible ‘sheeple’ by wishing them a merry Xmas and claiming that he has brought God back to the White House only 27% of Christians believe Christ will come back. A 2015 poll by the Brookings Institute also found that only 12 percent of US Evangelicals believe that Jesus will return in their lifetime while it even gets more embarrassing as about 65% of college graduates say the return of Jesus is a fairy tale.

Rummaging through these facts in an article I read recently had me wondering who is fooling who really among the two largest religions that have simultaneously brought its followers and the world plenty sorrow, tears and joy??

Your guess is as good as mine.

What do you think?

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