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Essay Competition: Week 40 Winners.

Essay Competition: Week 40 Winners.

Silent Sister by Victor Oladejo.

A few minutes later, he sauntered into my room, and he grabbed me, but l was ready for him. I took the knife from the pillow where l hid it and stabbed him.

A Night To Remember by Roselyn Sho-Olajide.

In my several years of practice as a psychotherapist, I have learned that swapping stories among my patients helps to improve their mental health a lot. I have brought the four of you together so you can all tell your stories. I believe it’s a step towards healing.

Issues Around Cross-Dressing Among The Youths by Oluwatimilehin Folarin.

The relationship between gender and dressing is not dependent on investigative or academic propositions, but rather, it is a socially constructed, unwritten principle that has over time, become a standard we follow

The Business Of Cross-dressing by Chukwuemeka Oluka.

There exists a rising trend of cross-dressing in Nigeria, especially amongst young men. For some of them, it has become a means to express themselves freely. For others, cross-dressing has lured them from doing drugs because it has offered them a means of livelihood, and legitimate business.

Trapped by Peace Habila.

I know we have had sessions in the past. The love story we shared was false. He came up with this crazy idea because his parents insisted that we must wed in the church. His father is not only famous but influential.

For The Love Of Family by Chisom Arueze.

So imagine if you had a tap that the water ran slowly and in a tiny line, okay, what if someone or something blocks that tap that ran in slim line. Obviously you know you won’t get water again and even if you waited, it will take ages before you get water. That exactly is how it feels for Bella

Freedom Without A Limit Has No Good Bearing by Abdulrasaq Ariwoola.

As a country, our cultural norms, and values go to the root of our existence as a people, and a deviation from them, to accepting foreign concepts holds dare consequences for us as a people. This is more for the youthful constituents who are more exposed to these things.

Cross-Dressing In Nigeria: Should We Be Worried? by Michael Ogbonnaya.

cross-dressing does not have a social, cultural, and religious acceptance in Nigeria. The lifestyle is completely at variance with the moral standard of the Nigerian society. There is a need to utilize the important tool of the media to properly sensitize and educate our youths on our values as a country.

Blood Is Thicker Than Water by Humble Ogbonna.

“I have put the books on the table Ma” “Okay, thanks. Please get me that marker on the table too.” “Here it is Ma. I’ll be...

Like A Scorned Woman by Johnson Onyedikachi.

Rose, haven’t you noticed something about me too? I have changed. And all I really want is you, baby! I miss us. I miss you. I want you. It may sound like a terrible lie, but I haven’t been with any woman after the Brazilian.

IPoB Is In Conflict With Igbos Not Nigeria.

We have allowed a group led by unelected renegades appropriate a sole franchise to define and proselytise our Igbo identity in a violent and despicable manner.

Essay Competition: Week 39 Winners.

Dear readers, our winners for week 39 have emerged. Roselyn Sho-Olajide and Michael Ogbonnaya have won N20,000 each while Chisom Arueze and Peace Habila are tied and will split the N20,000 cash price.

Topics: Essay Competition Week 40.

Welcome to #Week40 of the #CmonionlineEssayCompetition. Please choose from the following topics and write to possibly emerge as one of the winners of our N30,000 cash prize.

Essay Competition.

Submit your work and you could be one of the winners of the N60,000 and N30,000 cash prizes we pay out every fortnight. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for weekly updates on the current essay topics and specifications.

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