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How The Diaspora Can Improve Productivity In Africa.

We can create similar digital groups, tribes, communities for knowledge and skill acquisition in tech, arts, fashion, catering, marketing, photography etc

What Do You do for a living?

We are, you might say, “brainwashed” into thinking that money is the source of happiness while what we really need to know is that inner peace is something that comes from within. ~Dalai Lama

How A Father Should Raise His Son.

There are no cast-iron rules for raising a child and what works for you may fail another. However, every rational person will agree that beating a child repeatedly is abusive and detrimental to his well being. Having a child is a right but raising one is a responsibility and the best training a father can give a son is to live by example.

In Defence of Japa.

“There are Nigerians who would never leave the country no matter how things are”.

The Pawn And The Queen.

We’re all looking for a bit of recognition, even if it’s the unconscious and hypocritical need for attention over the fact that we’re not...

Ethiopia In A Bad Light After Expelling Journalists.

With the growing concerns that the country's fragile peace may shatter will the leaders of Ethiopia intensify or reverse their efforts to muzzle an independent press? I believe that many Ethiopians would bet on the former.

Varsity Poor Funding And The Need For Investment In E-Learning.

  I had been thinking about writing something on e-Learning and how it could shape the future of education in Nigeria but it is hard...

Economic Hardship In Context; We Need More Elumelus.

“This morning, I am listening to my colleagues at the office bemoan the very pressing issues that they face every day in this country, and how things have been getting worse and worse –no electricity for 5 days, hikes in the price of diesel, frightening food inflation..”

Influencing A Growing Culture Of Nihilism.

This rising culture of nihilism and zero introspection among the youths today is also traceable to undue publicity and validation of morally decrepit individuals that we elevate to the status of ‘influencer’.

IPoB Is In Conflict With Igbos Not Nigeria.

We have allowed a group led by unelected renegades appropriate a sole franchise to define and proselytise our Igbo identity in a violent and despicable manner.

The politics of insecurity and possible solutions.

Every government must consider the security of the country. That is just part of the responsibilities of any government. But true security can only...

We Need More Advocates To Check Rogue Police Officers.

“This is unacceptable, how can you subject people to this kind of torture all in the name of National ID card? And you are...

Igbo Political Renaissance Will Begin With IPOB’s Decline.

  We cannot allow anyone or any group appropriate a sole franchise to define our Igbo identity, much more proselytise it in a despicable and...

Don’t be deceived by Buhari’s silence.

It is the fool who always rushes to take sides. Do not commit to any side or cause but yourself. By maintaining your independence,...

Emefiele Is Worse Than The Stuttering Naira.

The Naira has lost 60% of its value in 18 months. How this is not a national emergency for Buhari remains a mystery.

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