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Varsity poor funding and the need for investment in e-Learning.

  I had been thinking about writing something on e-Learning and how it could shape the future of education in Nigeria but it is hard...

The politics of insecurity and possible solutions.

Every government must consider the security of the country. That is just part of the responsibilities of any government. But true security can only...

We Need More Advocates To Check Rogue Police Officers.

“This is unacceptable, how can you subject people to this kind of torture all in the name of National ID card? And you are...

Igbo Political Renaissance Will Begin With IPOB’s Decline.

  We cannot allow anyone or any group appropriate a sole franchise to define our Igbo identity, much more proselytise it in a despicable and...

What do you do for a living?

We are, you might say, “brainwashed” into thinking that money is the source of happiness while what we really need to know is that...

Don’t be deceived by Buhari’s silence.

It is the fool who always rushes to take sides. Do not commit to any side or cause but yourself. By maintaining your independence,...

IPoB Is In Conflict With Igbos Not Nigeria.

We have allowed a group led by unelected renegades appropriate a sole franchise to define and proselytise our Igbo identity in a violent and despicable manner.

Emefiele Is Worse Than The Stuttering Naira.

The Naira has lost 60% of its value in 18 months. How this is not a national emergency for Buhari remains a mystery.

The Revolution We Need Now.

It is not by magic that we have remained one. It is not that we‘ve had the best leadership or the most responsible citizenry. It is simply down to two reasons; our unflinching resilience and the conflicting sociocultural hegemonies among the tripartite pillars, power blocs that usually find a balance in the twilight of each administration. But we can do better. Our destiny as a nation cannot be eternally immersed in four-year election cycles. New paradigms must be evolved in our political order.

Igbos Need Intellectual Leadership Not Secession.

Intellectual leadership will recognize the dearth of Igbo participation in the mainstream media. A deficiency that left a vacuum now filled by mushroom blogs and other fallacy manufacturing platforms that contribute little in shaping the news agenda. We need leaders who will partner with the millions of Igbos abroad to bridge the demographic distortion bedeviling the region and channel our naturally endowed entrepreneurial skills homewards.

Understanding The Current Amplification Of Igbo Pride.

The Igbo man loathes mediocrity. He rarely feels entitled, he believes that nobody should feed him and therefore usually works hard to achieve his goals. After which he receives his dopamine by showing off and basking in the euphoria of the attendant adulation.

Like Pantami, Like Buhari?

Pantami should have been sacked. Any parochial president can find a million more qualified liberal Muslims to replace him.

The Conflict Is Already In Igbo Land.

Expectedly, IPoB and their horde of online disciples are now screaming that the DSS is behind these attacks by unknown gunmen which have become a daily occurrence across Igbo land. Ironically the same IPoB and the same followers have been tweeting in support of the faceless hoodlums to justify their bid for secession.

Moving Forward After #EndSARS.

So to build on the gains of #EndSARS, we must demand the immediate release of all bank accounts frozen by the CBN. The IGP must get the roadblocks out of our highways. There is a new consciousness around police brutality and the need for a change. The policemen, though back on the roads are aware of this. I have seen it and you have seen it. It must endure.

Should Folorunsho Alakija be a role model?

  Success is where preparation and opportunity meet ~ Bobby Unser Nigeria is an interesting country, a very interesting one at that. We are a people...

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