Essay Competition: Week 48 Winners

Emmanuel Enaku, Oluwatimilehin Folarin and Chukwuemeka Oluka win the Cmonionline Essay Competition for Week 48.

FERVENT By Roselyn Sho-Olajide

She had let her family down. Her siblings had looked up to her. What would they think of her? She stayed back in the room they shared with Fervent during the semester break and told her parents that she needed to finish up some school work.

The Storm by Collins Undelikwo

Dikan didn't know Kinshasa street. Abuja was too big for him to know every street and he didn't understand why this Lolli girl couldn't see that.

An Overview Of Plastic Surgery In Nigeria by Oluwatimilehin Folarin.

  Most lovers of Nigerian comedy do not need to think twice before agreeing that the most-watched comedies are those featuring ladies with dangling big...

Body Enhancement: Premonitions, diminutions and Solutions by Gabriel Iloh.

    The bothersome desire for beauty amongst people is an incessant one and both sexes are striving to modify, augment or change how they look,...

The Rising Trend Of Plastic Surgery Among Women by Precious Aliu.

INTRODUCTION With the costly intense procedure of plastic surgery, it is a wonder why there is a raising craze for the surgery. But to be...

A New Beginning by Emmanuel Enaku.

  I open my eyes slowly and sit up in bed. The rays of the sun are already streaming into the thatched hut. It is...

Nigerian Ladies And The Rising Craze For A Banging Body by...

  Call it body modification, improvement or enhancement; the truth is that the craze by many Nigerian ladies to alter their bodies, all in the...

The Cosmetic Surgery Panorama by Solomon Ekoja.

  Jane: Kai! This sun no dey smile today at all at all. Abeg make I enter road wait for okada…. While waiting Anita: Omor! Na...

A Bitter Taste In My Mouth by Peace Habila.

  Some years back, a tipsy man down the road transitioned his wife to glory. The  neighbors reported that the pounding, yelling, and   screaming were  almost ‘normal' routine. Love for husband and children were the justification the now...

Exploring The Political Apathy Among Nigerian Youths by Ekoja Solomon

By equipping oneself with political knowledge, one builds a motivational force to achieve ones interests and make decisions that conform to ones preferences

A Night to Remember by Kodun Musa

I must have been asleep for a thousand and one years because of the clamour for food that seemed to be the concert every nerve in my body was singing in, was horrifying.



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