Idara’s Son | Collins Undelikwo | Short Fiction

In Mesembe’s house, Saturdays were for cooking Afang soup. Both of his wives would go to the market, early—each with the goal of getting there before the other—just to buy the best ingredients

Soro Soke Generation: A Beacon Of Hope For Nigeria’s Redemption

Our over-aged leaders are not, and will likely never be willing to relinquish power or take proactive measures that will ensure the influx of youth in leadership.


"Nineveh" is a contemporary reimagining of the Biblical story of the prophet Jonah, a man stubborn, firm, but pure of intentions. It was first published on medium.

A Letter From the Grave by Olutayo Inioluwa

Morounke, when you get this letter, you will shed your tears of affection reading it, you will once again be plagued with memories of me, you will wish I had not gone away.

Usiwoghene by Oluwaseun Osanyinro

Despite the advice of her father, laughter was not his first course of action the day they discovered she was pregnant. She, the bride-to-be, got pregnant months before wedding.

Flawed by Peace Habila

He just didn’t show up, no, he didn’t make it to his own wedding. This plan was perfected without sparing a thought for me, the supposed bride.

A Lily In The Sun by Oladejo Victor Olayemi

Adewumi saw her in her dreams or rather created a place for her in her dream; sometimes as a Messiah and at a time a...

Ending ASUU Strike: A Panacea To The Poor Standard Of Our...

One morning, I was leaving for lectures. I was up early as usual and was readily dressed in my white and black. We had...

Our Origin: The Nigerian Divide by Aaron Livingstone.

   “What is your State of Origin?” My 300 level advisor asked me. I'm a Pan African, I believe in Nationalism and I believe as a citizen...

Summer Break And Cmonionline Writing Retreat

We're organising a writing retreat which will run from 18 July 2022, and will be held in a closed WhatsApp group. Participation will be based solely on individual interest.

The Impact Of Foreign Media On Our Society by Opara Udochukwu.

  “ I wake up in the morning Tell you what I see on my Tv screen I see the blood of an innocent child And everybody’s watchin...

Beacon by Oladejo Victor

Right from the moment his wife died of cancer, Fawemi was given to an unearthly fear. He became hysterical like a pilgrim lost in dystopia.



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