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Writing Retreat Highlights: Plot

  Hello, reader. Sometime during the summer, we made a call for writers to apply to our one-month free online writing retreat. There, we discussed the...

Locked Up In An Everlasting Bondage by Damilola Olorunsola

  It is an undisputable fact that everything rises and falls in relationships. An in-depth understanding of this maxim by each and everyone would give...

“Congratulations” Is In Order!

To date, we have published over 700 stories from about 50 different writers. With the support of friends, we paid out over N2 million in cash prizes. We also have a burgeoning audience with a combined social media following of over 10,000 and the community is still growing. If you are reading this please say CONGRATULATIONS!

A New Beginning by Emmanuel Enaku.

  I open my eyes slowly and sit up in bed. The rays of the sun are already streaming into the thatched hut. It is...

Flawed by Peace Habila

He just didn’t show up, no, he didn’t make it to his own wedding. This plan was perfected without sparing a thought for me, the supposed bride.

Project Phanes by Collins Undelikwo

My eyes are heavy. I try to open them but they snap shut immediately, pushed back to sleep by an invisible hand

FERVENT By Roselyn Sho-Olajide

She had let her family down. Her siblings had looked up to her. What would they think of her? She stayed back in the room they shared with Fervent during the semester break and told her parents that she needed to finish up some school work.

A Night to Remember by Kodun Musa

I must have been asleep for a thousand and one years because of the clamour for food that seemed to be the concert every nerve in my body was singing in, was horrifying.

Two Lovers, A Boy, An Accident by Orhemba Jeremiah

  1. The nineteen year old turns the thought over and over. He will go to work. No, he won’t. At this, he clutches his stomach, folds his knees...

The Pawn And The Queen.

We’re all looking for a bit of recognition, even if it’s the unconscious and hypocritical need for attention over the fact that we’re not...

Change The Narrative by Enkay Nwangene.

Is nursing the only profession for Nigerian immigrants in the US? I asked a question some time ago on Facebook and got some very interesting...

A Bottle Won’t Hurt At All by Amoye Favour

  The boxes in the house were so huge, we had done a lot of unboxing and still, we had a lot more to do....

Diaspora Diary: Prioritise A Driver’s License Over Western Union.

I haven’t jogged for some time. I‘ve just been doing short 2–3km walks on the banks the river Lee instead of the usual hour-long...

Lagos | Chukwuemeka Oluka | Short Fiction

I have often heard that, “to survive in Lagos, you need the technical know-how to switch from ‘hello’ to ‘wetin dey happen’ to ‘sholoriburuku ni iya e ni?’” This mindset never departed from me as I pondered all through while enduring the usurping traffic. 

Over Three Bowls and some Newspapers | Collins Undelikwo | Short Fiction

“At least you’re eating now,” Tunde says with a smile. He sits on the living room carpet with his legs crossed, a small bowl of eba and egusi soup in his hand.

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