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The legal profession is the most boring job!


If you are one hell of an adrenaline junkie then don’t even think of learning to speak Latin let alone going to study law because your typical day at work is more likely to be filled with yawns than heart-pounding excitement. This is because a new study recently published by recruitment experts Emolument has revealed that the legal profession is the most boring job in the world while the UAE is the most boring country to work in. 81% of those in the legal profession say their job is boring while an incredible 83% of workers in the gulf nation say they are bored at work. It appears one would be happier visiting Dubai as a tourist than working there, little wonder their tourism industry is flourishing.

Divulging more on the study Emolument Co-Founder Alice Leguay stated that “Boredom at work is a key issue for firms trying to keep millennials engaged, especially in traditional industries such as accounting and legal jobs which can be perceived as dull while employers attempt to give young employees the satisfaction of making an impact in their work life in order to prevent them from moving on too swiftly”. She went on to reveal that “without an inspirational leadership figure or an exciting professional challenge to motivate younger team members, boredom will quickly settle in. Surprisingly, according to our figures, CEOs struggle to enthuse their teams, having fallen prey to boredom themselves, probably due to being tangled in administrative and managerial processes with frustrate their desire to implement a vision and lead their business.”

Earlier studies had listed some of the reasons behind lawyers’ unhappiness with their jobs to include but not limited to monotony, loneliness and depression. The daily repetition of routine tasks which involves long hours spent on a desk reading briefs, poring through cases and researching rulings does not sound too exciting I must agree. More often than not these tasks are done alone. 

Again, lawyers are basically called upon when there are disputes, often between two or more bitter and uncompromising sides. A majority of these disputes are not happy ones, and lawyers are brought in after things had deteriorated so much, it then means that repeatedly as a lawyer your job likely begins in a bad situation. This may lead to depression, after all, it is said that when a leaf stays long on a soap it becomes soap too.

It will be advisable for aspiring lawyers to choose the area of the profession that suits their personality. Let’s say for instance that you are passionate about activism and really care about public interest, practice in environmental law will likely offer you better job satisfaction than in commercial law.

Other boring jobs include Project Management, Support Functions (whatever that means), Finance Control and Accounting. Gladly, I decided not to practice accounting because back in school then I always found pressing the calculator for money that is not mine somewhat depressing while the tedium of debit and credit often left me languid. 

The most boring countries to work in equally included Italy, USA, Singapore and my very own Ireland. Oh! my dear Eire, my adopted country which is a wonderfully calm place of dwelling. Well, I wouldn’t say I’m disappointed but to make the top 5 is a bit shocking.


The Irish economy is doing great now so I wasn’t just expecting this. As a matter of fact, I heard over the radio not too long ago that Ireland is now the EU’s biggest exporter of butter. Who was to believe that over two third of our workers are not happy doing what they do daily? Methinks it may have to do with the dreary weather we have almost round the year, surely a bit of sunshine can brighten your few minutes break at work but over here we tuck a lil’ umbrella under the arm just to have a fag.

Still, there is some reason to cheer up a bit as I know that Ireland has the 6th highest GDP per capita in Europe. Money can’t buy happiness some will say but it can sure put a smile on your face!




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