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Ndi Igbo: Who will bell the cat??


We have a large public that is very ignorant about public affairs and very susceptible to simplistic slogans by those who appear out of nowhere, have no track record, but mouth appealing slogan ~ Zbigniew Brzezinski

Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski was a Polish-American political scientist and geographical strategist who served as a National Security Advisor to President Jimmy Carter. He was considered a hawk in an administration largely perceived as moderate. He died on May 26th, 2017 which incidentally was my birthday at the ripe age of 89. May his soul rest in peace.

I recently posted a Vanguard news article on my Facebook page with the screaming headline Biafra: Crisis looms in Igbo land.
As usual, while some were too lazy to interrogate the issues raised therein, a friend dismissed the writer as a redemption-seeking Buharideen. My friend has a penchant for Zebrudayaic labels.

That is by the way. Again I had asked where are Igbos in the PDP, a party our region staked all for in 2015?? No answers!

Well, some have said they are in IPOB which is the youth wing of PDP and that they will take back the party soon enough. I agree. I have many Igbo friends who do not even discuss Kanu and his band of marabouts, they believe the rabble-rousing will disappear just like it appeared.

I am not in tandem with them because the silence of elders is often interpreted as tacit agreement. As an Igbo man gifted with intellect I will keep putting my humble opinion out there because I know that things can go awry in a matter of seconds and our people are the most vulnerable

It was Daniel J. Boorstin who aptly stated that “the greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge”. I will give just three examples to expose the Rabbi claimant as a con man who is not as knowledgeable as he claims either.

1. His IPOB printed Biafran passports and pounds only to sell in naira to his followers.

2. He claimed that their support for Jonathan was because he is Igbo and was the only president to convene a sovereign national conference. Two blatant lies! ( The man clearly cannot distinguish between a national conference and a sovereign national conference)

3. He went to Padova to record a video claiming that the fictional Shakespearean character Shylock the Jew existed.

Is it not clear that we have a lunatic in our midst? Igbo enwe eze Igbo enwe eze obuluzia onye ara ga achi anyi??? (Igbos have no King..but should a mad man rule us?) God forbid!!

The signs are ominous and we should be worried. I was glad when Nwodo emerged. He is a vibrant and articulate man..he showed promising signs at first but ever since then his Oha na Eze Ndi Igbo which the #BiafraOrDeath chanting mob disparagingly refer to as Oha na eze ndi iberibehas been largely reactionary.

The political class is in disarray while the so-called intelligentsia is torn between Biafra and restructuring.
My people, please who will bell the cat???

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