Germany tries doctor for ‘advertising’ abortions on her website

A gynecologist is set to go on trial in western Germany on Friday on charges of “advertising” abortion after providing information about the procedure on her website.

Kristina Haenel, a 61-year-old medical doctor from the western city of Giessen, posted information on her website in April 2015 about the legal and medical aspects of the procedure in German, English and Turkish.

She also provided information about the payment required for an abortion, which prosecutors say violated a law that forbids advertising abortion services in a way that is to the person’s own economic advantage.

Haenel who has performed abortions for 30 years – said that she was only fulfilling her ethical duty to provide as much information as possible to women considering ending their pregnancy.

“I didn’t do it so that women come to me – they do that anyway,” she said. “I don’t need that.”

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