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Anecdote: Been Around The World



Dateline: 1990

The song was the rave of the moment. It was topping all the charts.

Back then we used to hang out every evening at the popular Boundary joint a.k.a Bino in Eziama Aba Ngwa where we enjoy chilled palm wine and exotic ugba.

Do you remember those days when you rode into joints blasting music in high volume with bass and treble on the max to flaunt the powerful sound of your car stereo? Yes! That’s what I’m talking about.

On this day I was feeling lucky when I drove in.
I revved the engine one final time, flung open the door and started dancing as Stansfield jammed at the loudest volume. As I made to join my homies on the table one of those Aba traders approached me.
You know those guy men traders that love having a good time and grooving with undergrads..yep.

He said “nwanne biatu m’ajuo gi”
I obliged.
And he asked, “nna biko okwa onye America guru egwu a?”
I nodded.
And he screamed “yes! yes!!”, looking back towards his friends he said “inunanu ya, okwam gwara unu na owu onye America”
He looked at me thankfully as if I just informed him that he won a lottery and said ‘imela nnam, ndi America ri bad na uri nwanne”
He gave me a robust handshake and continued singing..”ayayayaa” as he walked back to his friends.

A hilarious moment which will be relived whenever I hear this jam. I wish I can take back the hands of time but then I am grateful for plenty of such evergreen memories that always lift the spirit.

And by the way I just discovered that Lisa Stansfield is a Brit!??

Have a great weekend and enjoy Lisa Stansfield with me #TGIF

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