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Gold In Rags by Maryann Ndu.

Gold like other natural resources under the class of precious stones at it’s natural state dwell in the earth of the earth crust and when dug out, it is covered with mud, this can make a layman think that it is of no use.
It takes knowledge to bring out the hidden beauty of an unprocessed gold. These knowledge is basically not known to a layman, it requires an expert in the field who will involve processes of refinement to get the real content. These knowledge therefore includes; processes, perseverance, patience, furnace experiences and many other industrial activities to birth that which is of global attraction and can yield income for a particular Country where it is found by ways of investments from other Countries or sales of gold in an export/import medium.
From the above illustration, tons of lessons can be drawn from it. Judging people from the way they dress is like concluding on who they are at first meeting, whereas some gold come out unprocessed and some don’t. But the state of which one sees it depends on it’s timing. Some set of people will meet a raw gold in it’s natural state and because of it, they can easily conclude that it is worthless and some people will meet it processed and would love to have it.
Most times, ordinary stones can be coated to look like Gold, but their content is not of Gold, it’s properties can never be likened to Gold because it can’t undergo the applied knowledge which is the process. There are such people like that, their outer covering is deceitfully looking like Gold but their content is not worth it.
Motivational speakers arise in accordance to timing, their speeches rise from the bedrock of their experience and happenings at a particular given time , therefore they speak in accordance to what they feel is right.
The motivational sentence, “You will be addressed the way you dress” is quite a truthful one from it’s literary meaning because we have come to believe that people approach or talk to each other based on physical outlooks which include dress styles. In a normal context, we should look out for contents not outlooks, it can be deceitful.
Present multi billionaires don’t necessarily dress to their worth; just a simple cloth and they are okay. a popular saying sings, “The goal is not to look rich but be rich”. Just like the stone coated in Gold color which looks rich but is not rich.
Addressing people by their dress shows immaturity and births pretence around those who our thoughts feel they are the right people that deserves our loyalty. Most people in this category worship the rich people they know to earn their favour. But he, who is rich and dresses simple can easily know his true friends and followers.
Most times, it’s inhumane to address people the way they appear, it encourages preferences for the rich looking and maltreatment to the underdressed.
Some persons loose their jobs even before getting to a Company for an interview because they spoke rudely to someone who was casually dressed, only to get to the venue and realize the person is the boss of the Company, where as some have secured a job because of their humility and respect towards people irrespective of clothing style through responding to greetings, reaching out to help, engaging in meaningful discussions, to mention but a few.
Some blessings they say come in disguise. A lot of people have lost their destiny helpers because of the mentality clouded with lies of the underdressed being poor. People have cut short productive relationships which will be helpful in the future through concluding that a person in a first meeting is not of their class by dress code.
Do not  judge a book by it’s cover, it is advisable you study it well, give it’s summary and ask questions. Some people do create a wrong impression on first meetings because of some factors which may be a bad day, anger issues, and so on and these factors may lead to false Ideology of the person.
In a social setting, it is not healthy to meet someone for the first time and conclude on their behavior towards you, the first timer behavior may be as a result of a worst/bad experience from the day. That is why first impression does not accurately define a person.
Addressing or judging person according to their dress is wrong and an unsafe strategy and can birth wrong perception about the person and can break future connection.
Maryann Ndu wrote in via ndumaryfrancis@gmail.com
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