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Topics: Essay Competition Week 13.

Welcome to week 13 of cmonionline essay competition.
Choose from the following topics and discuss to qualify for the N10,000 cash prize.
1. The perennial insecurity in northern Nigeria and possible solutions.
2. The impact of poverty on social life.
3. Caught Red-Handed: Write about being caught doing something embarrassing.
NB: The above are topics and not necessarily titles, so you can caption your essay as you wish but please don’t make it half of your work.
The word count is between (750-1500 )± 10%
We will publish the essays as they come in for the audience and judges to read.
IMPORTANT!!! We have tweaked the deadline to Thursdays to provide adequate time for our judges who are doing this thankless job. Please endeavour to submit early to make their jobs easier.
Submissions will end on Thursday 03/12/2020 at 11.59 pm.
Our judges for the week are two of the best brains around, Alex Nwangwu and Nneka Obiekwe Nwogu.
Please also read our general rules and subscribe before submitting your work. You can submit on the site via the submit page or to admin@cmonionline.com if you are having issues with the subscription.
Thanks and good luck!
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