The Festival Of Long Throats by Chukwuemeka Mbam.

Something called a deranged misconception, the error of fruitless grandeur and flaccid pride. Mere projection of promptitude ability to evoke more discord along the lines that social history has drawn.

To be sincere, these lines were here before the conception of this very generation and it is quite certain that this lines will still be existent at the time of our demise.

The mentality of the average human in today’s world has gone past the cogitation of seeking the basic needs associated with human existence; such as scavenging for food, water, clothing and shelter to well several more profound wants.

The need to feel happiness, satisfaction, power, authority, love and other sensitive aspects of the human emotion has transformed the psychology of the average human even above the basic needs. This is why we hear tales of men that choose to be slain by the potent hands of hunger than to go seek aid from people they detest. We hear tales of men giving up food and their homes to protect the ones they love, we also listen to talks about people that are ready to let go of anything just to have authority and the power to make others conform to their will.

This new trait is not queer to us these days. As a matter of fact, we can be able to illustrate our own personal stories of our friends, class mates and family members that have once upon a time exhibited these characteristics. Moreover, we as persons might have at one time or the other made our emotions prevail over our basic needs. This is the human nature, and this nature cannot be strange to any person or be denied of use to anyone. It is what makes us who we are and differentiates us from the peculiarities of animals.

Although these developments should not be condemned, there is a prevailing emotion amongst others that seeks to rule over all other emotions and sink their relevance.

Constructively referred to as pride or to be more elaborate; ego. Ah, how peculiar the title sounds, a trill to the ears and to the pronunciation of a pure west African man, ego would sound like eagle.

Well, not a bad substitute anyways. eagles are exalted birds, kings of the other flying creatures. A bird that secludes itself from the absurdities of other aerial organisms and make its appearance glorious and remarkable should be honoured by being an equal phonetic substitute to a word equal it.

Now back to where we were…

The emotion of pride is at this time of our existence, the reason for discord amongst family, friends, communities and even governments about the entire world.  Everyone wants to prove himself better than another, a battle of padded shoulders.

This emotion has drawn down the curtain even in relationships where love is supposed to be the central emotion. But worst of all the emotion of pride is currently the sword that a mighty phenomenon uses the wage it’s war; the phenomenon of poverty.

Poverty has changed the game of today’s world, this social aliment has put a knife on the things that held humans together and they have fallen apart.

Of course, society has defined poverty as “a state of lack and incapacities”. However, I adopt the definition that poverty is “a programmed state of the mind-set to procure feelings of inadequacy and inabilities”. This social aliment currently affects 1.89 billion or 36% of the world’s population that are classified as extremely poor and incapable.

It is not a good thing to hear that there are hundreds of millions of persons on earth that find it difficult to eat, drink and sleep properly (just as official statistics say). It is also a cause to strike a sad note that children are the most vulnerable set of persons that suffer from this social ailment the most.

Because of the unenviable reaction of the world to persons and places of poverty, people tend to promote themselves so as not to present themselves poor even if they truly are.  The need to look rich and act rich has enveloped and influenced the activities of the world so heavily that people are ready to do whatever it takes to be perceived as well to do and affluent.

This unassertive demeanour of the average human has triggered a surge in the production and purchase of fake jewelleries, clothes, perfumes, footwear and other affluently characterized products. And just as emphasized earlier, there are persons that are ready to give up their meals in order not be classified as poor.

While this is a sad realization, poverty negatively affects the social lives of children, youths, men and women that society frowns out for being poor. People that are in poverty are not seen as equal human beings, they are perceived in the likeness of animals that deserves nothing else other than pity and a meal.  When there are poor people that cannot afford to pretend that they are okay, society gives them the distasteful ranks of second hand citizens. Well to do parents build a mental wall in the heads of their children to shut out the presence of poor people and distaste them. They make them feel that less privileged persons are gluttons with long throats.

This orientation might not be done consciously but due to the current culture of the human race that has allowed pride to seep into its fabric and ruined the laws of humane society.

People from poor origin find it really obscure to live normally with the dignity of the human person. Even if they can afford it, poor persons find it difficult to play games, have fun and visit luxury places. This is in order to avoid derogatory remark from people that know them and are apprised of their social status.

The untold reason why poor people are in the rise in suicide cases and crime are not because they lack but because society has built a perception about them that kills all hope and makes it difficult for them to accept that they are worth being called humans.

Hitherto, since society isn’t aware that this giant wall of societal status is pulling people from what there are to something there are not in order to showcase rough affluence will continue to cause more sadness for our world. The increase in crime will continue because a good number of poor persons will do anything to live the good life, the depressions will persist and the suicide cases will swell.

Until sane society accepts everyone as basically what they are, humans – and not animals. A new societal arrangement should be effected to equate the status of society which is why we are humans that should act humane.

While we think on these things, it is pertinent that we absorb the fact that some poor persons do have a great sense of self-esteem and confidence. They have a lot in the offing if society gives them a place in the scheme of things and not regard them as peasants in a festival of long throats.


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