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Only Retire When Impact Is Made by Sunday Odu.



At age 6 in the year 2002, my academic journey began at Top-Tay primary school situated in Kurin-mashi, Kaduna State, Nigeria. Being a former pupil for the first time was awkward to recall but still a day I will never forget. The fear to face my peers in class was my anxiety, yet weary about returning to class the next day. But with time I began to adapt and cope with the learning process. It was then I managed to learn to write the English alphabets and numbers for the first time.But was it the start of the future I was created for? Find out!


I spent just a term in my first ever school attended, due to the fact that I needed a new challenge; so I was enrolled in another school, a public primary school in my locality. My new environment was not a bad experience because I was able to conquer my fear and anxiety, but still had some deficiencies in bringing home good results after each term’s examination. I never can tell what exactly the problem was. But I kept on going to classes. At some point I got humiliated and embarrassed by family and friends for being almost the least in terms of academic results after each term. However, that was the turning point of my academic performance. As soon as the new term resumed, I was promoted on trial being 8 years old then. What happened next? Check the next paragraph.


In my new class I had to change my system of learning and did extra learning aside from normal school activities. I stayed an extra one hour to revise and study what I was taught that day. I continued such acts till when the term’s examination started. After the exam, the result was issued and guess what?  I came top of the class, I was the 1st position in my class.


Hmm! mm!  Amazing right?  But was this still a stepping stone to the future I wanted? Read on to find out!


After the term ended, I and my family relocated to another local government area within the state. In my new environment I was enrolled in a nearby school, and this time around I was happy and confident to resume school after my “exploit” in my former school. My new school Holy Child International School located in the southern part of the vicinity was a good place to be, learning was enjoyable and comfortable. The facilities there enhanced and boosted my learning process. At every end of the term I was awarded prizes as the best student. Even in extracurricular activities I was the best, especially in the game of football. Indeed, my contribution and impact was a massive one.


I know you at this point you will feel that the future is becoming green and bright. But something happened!


My dad Mr. Samuel had complications at his workplace which led to a sack from his job. That was frustrating for a man with 5 children. My siblings and I have to drop out of school as a result of the loss of my dad’s job. The situation called for different means to find ends to meet to feed the family.


Thinking of this you would wonder how we were going to cope right? But that was not all oh! 


We found out that my dad was having an affair with another woman and the worst of it was that she became pregnant for him. Chai! Double wahala!


For me, it was triple wahala because I had to cope with the family situation, my education and my potential stepmom. Where will I start from? The most annoying part of this situation is that my dad disappeared. One knew he was about. Though he could not face the situation he found himself and the household to find a greener pasture. At this point the future of the children was skeptical.


To continue our academic education, I and my siblings enrolled in a nearby tutorial center. We attended the tutorial center for almost a year until mom got an offer to work as a cleaner in a school (Brain Foundation Model School) within the vicinity. Due to my mom’s influence in the place she worked, myself and my younger ones had the opportunity to get enrolled again. Thankfully, I completed my primary school there as the best graduating pupil.


What hurdle was next to face and conquer?  Find out in the next paragraph.


We relocated to Lagos shortly after I completed my primary school education, to meet my dad after 5 years of not seeing him. Life in Lagos was indeed an experience. But with time we got used to the lifestyle. Due to the financial instability not all of us were able to enroll in a school at once. I had to sacrifice my opinion of going to a formal school to attend a computer training program, so that my younger ones can complete their own primary school education. This decision was the turning point of things for me. It was the starting point to whom I wanted to become and how I wanted to retire.


I got registered with Timo Computer College on a six-month program. I learned typing, Microsoft programs, CorelDRAW and photoshop, at age 15. A six-month program turned into 3 years because I was retained by the organization to work. I was paid every month which was the money I used to start my secondary school session. While schooling, I was working in the evenings. I was able to complete my junior high school and started senior high school.


I graduated with a good o’level result popularly known as WAEC (West Africa Examination Council). Completing my secondary school, real life came into play. While seeking admission into the University, I needed to raise funds to prepare for university life. I got engaged in different activities, taught rudiment of music, played musical instruments for events and religious programs. At this point, I wanted to be a man of influence, another Bill Gates or another individual that will touch lives through his influence.


Finally, the admission came to study at the University of Abuja. This was another phase of life that built my desire to touch lives. I met people who have a vision similar to mine. I wanted to just put a smile on people’s faces.

Sunday Odu wrote in from odusunday20@gmail.com

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