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The Hidden Dangers by Victor Okonjo.



Basic economic theory would say “The wants of Man are insatiable”. This statement clearly expresses a natural aspect of man not limited to his economic life but relative to his social and mental faculty. Man as a social being posses the tendency to exploit every area of life endeavors either for positive or negative reasons hence, relationship infidelity in discuss. Relationship is a close connection between two or more persons. Relationship varies in categories and they include family relationship, marriage relationship, communal relationship and work relationship but, our focus is on intimate relationships. Infidelity in relationship has existed from time immemorial. Infidelity is simply a betrayal of trust or vow in an intimate relationship. Infidelity is an act of cheating or unfaithfulness to one’s intimate partner. Infidelity is mostly done discreetly and in the case were it is explicit, tragedy becomes the other of the day. Infidelity in relationship occurs in different forms but unanimously leads to default in one’s commitment towards a binding relationship. It is important to know that anyone can be guilty of infidelity in a relationship and not restricted to a particular gender. Unfaithfulness in relationship has its root causes and attendant effects. Infidelity in relationship does not happen overnight but triggered by one factor or another. The causes of Infidelity vary depending on who is involved. Poor family background is the first point of call when talking about the causes of infidelity in relationship. This is because; the family is the root of any existence and the first of everything in one’s life. Thus, any family that is founded on poor foundation and fails to live up to it responsibility in being the first training ground for members of thats family gives room for a replica situation when individual members form their own family. For example, when a child grows up in a family setting where infidelity is a normal occurrence either from the father or mother side, the orientation of that child will be corrupted and may likely toll on that path. This is corroborated in the words of the Holy Bible which says “Train up a child in the way that he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6, NKJV). Sexual dissatisfaction is another major cause of infidelity in a relationship. Some persons fail to understand or orient themselves on issues relating to their sexual orientation before engaging in intimate relationship. Along the way, they later find out they are not sexually compatible giving yield to dissatisfaction in their sexual life. In a bid to find consolation, they commit to infidelity as a way to gratify personal pleasure. When one’s intimate partner do not get maximum or average satisfaction in their love and sexual relationship, infidelity becomes the other of the day. Self discipline is a positive attribute and value that some people lack and it manifest in their relationship. Any man or woman who is deficient in self discipline will lack the will power to resist the tendencies of infidelity especially when confronted with crisis in a relationship. Such person lacks the control of self and exploits every opportunity of short falls in a relationship to indulge in unfaithful affairs. In the case of marriage, marital limitations can be a cause for infidelity in marriage and an example is childlessness. When a couple has childless challenge, without self restraint, that relationship may be soared with infidelity which may arise from negative advisory and family pressure. Peer pressure is also a cause of infidelity in relationship. Situations where a person is surrounded with insensitive and extreme worldly friends, the pressure to get influenced into unfaithful affairs is imminent. This again is corroborated in the words of the Holy Bible which says “Bad company corrupts good character” (1 Corinthians 15:33, New Living Translation), and in consonance with the common saying “Show me your friend and I will tell who you are”. A psychological cause that leads to infidelity in a relationship is habitual perversion. A habitual sexual pervert will always struggle to be faithful in a relationship. Some persons have developed the habit of being pervert and the habit goes with them into any relationship they find themselves. Their situation is the case of consistent sexual promiscuity even when they show remorse over it. Infidelity in relationship has hidden dangers that are detrimental to the existence of any relationship especially in marital union hence, the effects. A major effect of infidelity in relationship is divorce or break up. Often times, several cheating relationships result in the parties involved going their separate ways. This mostly occurs when the parties involved are unable to tolerate such level of betrayal and so any attempt to resolve the issues proves abortive. Furthermore, it is pertinent to know that divorce or break up sometimes result to broken homes and emotional grief, which have the possibility of destabilizing the overall wellness of those affected. Distrust is a consequential aftermath of unfaithful behavior in relationship. When a man or woman is caught in the act of infidelity in a relationship, such person looses the trust of his or her spouse. Relationships were distrust arising from unfaithful attributes take centre stage will render such relationships as unhealthy. Negative profile image is another effect of infidelity in relationship. Infidelity can tarnish ones reputation and image especially when that person is a popular figure. It can express wrong signals that could question your moral ability from those who look up to you with high esteem and even aggravate to loss of one’s respect. The complication from sexually transmitted disease is a dangerous effect of infidelity. When a person bound by a relationship continuously indulge in unfaithful affairs, the possibility of contracting sexually transmitted disease is inevitable. Infidelity in a relationship can provoke the tendency of domestic violence if not well managed. Children who come from broken homes due to domestic violence an effect of infidelity falls into wrong hands of the society. They give yield to negative traits and parade themselves as social miscreants. Some are rendered mentally and psychologically disoriented as victims of circumstance which amounts to social liabilities. Therefore, it is evident that the attendant effects of Infidelity in relationship are relative and consequential in having a healthy relationship. Finally, from the discussion above, it is clear that infidelity possess hidden dangers that could be harmful to a relationship if not checked thus, the need to avoid it.

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