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I Love You by Esther Ojetunde.


Love is a beautiful thing, so they say. I have read a lot of love novels and imagined how it was going to be, when I will finally be told I love you. I know you like gist, ok I will gist you.

On a bright Monday morning,the beginning of the session in senior secondary school two. It was an unusual day as people who had missed themselves during the course of the long break were reuniting, some gained weight alread, new school bags and shoes. People were catching up with what they missed while trying to settle down in their new classes. I was not left out too as I was with my friend, Pearl gisting on how the break went. She was my only friend in the class so I was so excited to see her again.

As we were gisting, she called my called my attention to our class captain(she had always joked that he had a crush on me) who was passing by at the time. I greeted him and asked how his break was before he left to attend to something. I continued to discuss with this my friend and she started to tease me on how he was gushing on me, my class Captain that is. I ignored her as usual pointing out the more beautiful than I girls that were in our class.

The first lesson began with mathematics, our loving but firm teacher welcomed us back to school warmly. He reminded us that we were just a year before our final year when we would write our external examinations. Then he took us through our scheme of work for the term.

We had four more classes before we went for break. I followed Pearl out to the school cafeteria and she rattled on about how Damilare(the class captain) was looking at me through out the times we were in class. I sat down to take my lunch and he came by the cafeteria I waved him bye and balanced well to devour the food.

As we were eating she called my attention to Damilare, as I was about to ask him what he wanted to see me for he said no it was nothing. I was now angry at Pearl for teasing me and decided to ignore her till the rest of the day.

The following days went about the same way with nothing unusual happening. By the second week, everyone has now resumed and work started in earnest.

I went to sign an attendance with Damilare where he was always sitted at the end of the class. I saw him looking awkward but I shrugged it off. I went to my seat beside Pearl(I have forgiven her) and started class for the day.

By beak time, as I and Pearl was going to the school canteen. I heard someone call Tolu! As I looked back at who it was, behold it was Damilare! He said he wanted to see to ask me something. I agreed giving my money to Pearl to get food for me. As we walked the hallway to the back of the class, I was wondering why he called me.

As we got to class and I looked up to ask for what was wrong, he was looking anxious. I almost burst out laughing but I composed myself and asked what was wrong. Then he dropped the bombshell, ” I love you Tolu”. It was my turn to be anxious but I managed to say thank you and I disappeared.

I was so shocked that when I got back to where Pearl was and she asked why he called me I could not reply. I was just staring into space. I did not tell her she was going to tease me like hell. I managed to ignore Damilare throughout our school year.

I finally told Pearl on our graduation day(yes I waited that long). She was surprisingly not shocked. I asked if she knew already, she said she already guessed what happened. It was my turn to be shocked. Then she asked me what I did about it. I told her I ignored him. She was just looking at me like I grew horns on my head. It is not my fault now, it was my first time hearing that abi what do you think? Don’t give me that look.


Ojetunde Esther, a first-year student of Pharmacy in the University of Lagos wrote in via ojetundeesther45@gmail.com

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