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Essay Competition: Week 32 Winners.


Johnson Onyedikachi and Michael Ogbonnaya have won the N20,000 cash prize for #Week32.

Haunted by Johnson Onyedikachi: A graphic story well written story. Johnson brings his stories to life with vivid imagery that has the reader wanting more. Expressions like “Those lungs of mine had been holding hands like a newlywed couple in an airplane that was about to crash” in the first paragraph immediately convey that the writer understands the key requirement in a descriptive essay. He made good use of parts of speech and with lines like “the rain pelting down like some deity was unjustifiably offended” added some originality to this work. Baring some typos this is an excellent piece of prose writing. Congrats Johnson.

Michael Ogbonnaya seems to have found his writing genre. His first entry in this competition was a creative essay in which he did well. In Being A Nigerian: The Mixed Feelings he once again displayed the requisite skill in research writing. The topic was introduced with definitions and the body of the essay was well structured for easy comprehension. The conclusion also proffered workable solutions. However, the writer should note that Wikipedia is not a reliable reference in research writing. This was a great essay nevertheless. Congrats Michael.




A Shattered Heart by Udochukwu Opara: A good attempt but the writer needs to work on his tenses and vocabulary as well as flow.

A Long Walk To Peace by Victor Oladejo: Well written but used a lot of the word “flinched”. Should have used other synonyms. Good narration and flow.

Brooms Break Hearts Too by Juliana Lene: Very good grammar and wordplay, flow. This essay would have made a better grade with active sentences that evoke immediacy.

Unnecessary Crossfire by Peace Habila: Very good use of grammar, good flow, very dramatic with the use of active tenses.

When God Lied by Samson Ogunmola: Good flow and mostly straight to the point. Nice attempt.

Vanished by Roselyn Sho-Olajide: Another beautiful and well written story with a good flow. The writer deployed vivid imagery as usual. Good job!

National Identity And Pride: An Intense Scrutiny by Chukwuemeka Oluka: Again Oluka delivers in his usual articulate manner. However, points raised could be better developed. Still a good essay.

The rest of the essays were also good. Emmanuel Enaku and Abiodun Eunice should endeavour to include references when writing opinion essays. It shows that you didnt pluck your claims from the mango tree.

GENERAL OBSERVATION. Some of the writers need to learn the basics of the subject-verb relationship to ensure the proper use of tenses. Peruse this page for a brief understanding of this important component of using of the language.

Writers who choose the opinion essays should desist from using wikipedia as reference. The online encyclopedia does not consider itself to be a reliable source and discourages readers from using it in academic or research texts. Overall #Week32 was a close call and I think we have some writers who already have a mastery of what is expected, however the challenge from the new entrants make it even more exciting.

Thanks to everyone for participating. We will keep writing.


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