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Nature Never Hurries.


Nature never hurries. Atom by atom, little by little, she achieves her work. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

I started another online course on creative writing and a recommended book talked about the importance of regular walks. So this morning I decided to skip the gym for a walk along the banks of the River Lee. It is not a new practice though, I had always known that walking puts you in tune with nature, so I go for half an hour walk every now and then. Sometimes with earphones plugged and playing music or without music in a bid to savour the beauty of nature better.

But this time I added an extra bit to it and the weather was just right. It was cold and foggy. There were just a handful of others walking and the serenity was magnificent. So I walked with my entire soul, casting away all thoughts and worries. Hands in my pockets and through the Mardyke pathway I walked past the elm trees and wondered how old they were. 

I saw a couple of seagulls that flew away before I could take a shot, they were shy I guessed, scared I might post their pictures on Facebook when they hadn’t taken their morning shower. I also saw a colony of swans, gliding gently down the river with the water current. The ducks were close to the bank. They wore beautiful coats of white feather, flapping and swimming in circles that left ripples in the water. Surely they are already anticipating the warmth of spring.

At a point, one little terrier left her owner and ran to my heels. We walked a few metres together before she ran off to join her owner who was now heading towards the car park. It was then I noticed that I had barely heard the roadway noise. I was lost to the early morning traffic as cars sped by with commuters rushing to start the daily business. I didn’t envy them, I was exactly where I wanted to be. At peace with the world.

It was an exhilarating experience. My whole body was emptied into it and I walked back to the car feeling fresh and more grateful than I’ve ever been in a while.

Many of us are often too caught up in the hustle and bustle of life to stop for a moment and appreciate life itself. Take a break, stop for a moment and go on a date with nature. It may not take away all your troubles but you can be certain it won’t add to it. After all, it is said that in every walk with nature we often receive more than we seek. And you would have lived through some beautiful moments while appreciating the stillness of nature. It never hurries, why should you?

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