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Tentacles Of Reasons: A Poem by Oluwaseun Osanyinro


From childhood, I have always wondered

What the Christmas season was all about

From childhood, I have always wondered

Why there was a particular season to kill chicken

Or a time that a recipe looked more appealing

The air blows dry

The dust paints one whiter than a clown

The sun shines in rage

The earth becomes hard as crust

Yet man is happier than other days of the year

Sometimes, I wonder why

Is it the satisfaction of the year running to an end?

Is it the anticipation of a new year?

Is it the mandatory holidays by various calendars of the world?

Or the joy of a season many do not even know about?

Many save all through the year to lavish in this season

Many embark on various journeys they never had in this season

Many take a break and are nowhere to be found in this season

Many purchase gifts and necessary items in this season

And many more finally find time to be with their families in this season

Of a truth, there is no holiday recognized globally with a greater effect than Christmas

Maybe because there is a greater percentage of Christians

Maybe because it coincides with the end of the year

Maybe because man just needs a reason to rest

Or maybe there is a spirit that makes this season worth the celebration

I remember my first consciousness of Christmas

My mother had a fixed smile

I had the loveliest clothes to compensate months of no new clothes

Visitors flocked in and out my home

And finally, I had food to my greatest satisfaction

The beginning of the season began with dance rehearsals in school

I was also chosen to act like Mary in the Bible

Who she was at the moment, I did not know

I also gave birth to the cutest baby and while we sang,

Parents and teachers gave us the loudest claps

Once school closed, my joy tripled

Nothing beats not going to school at my age

My friends and I spoke in loud voices about our clothes

We argued that we had the best clothes

Though we hid them from ourselves till Christmas day

Some days, my parents took us to see extended families

I met cousins I never knew

Some, I made friends with

Others I never wished to see again

Maybe the reason for the season is to bring us all together

Soon, I became a teenager

And soon, I did not care less whatever season we had

As long as I am left alone

I saw the season as an opportunity to live and breathe my room

But my mother had other ideas

Suddenly, I was no longer the child left to run around

I was stuck up in the kitchen cooking for hours

Feeding both families I know and those I didn’t

There were days I worked till I could no longer feel my hands

Maybe the reason for the season is to feed others

Christmas clothes was not only for the young

My mother had a matching lace and head gear

My father had shoes already polished and clothes ironed

My siblings were not left out

Every penny saved by my mother went into purchasing them all

It was a taboo not to be in your best during the season

Why then did you work all through the year?

What’s the joy of all the hard work?

Why would you want to be the odd one out?

Maybe the reason for the season is to wear the clothes in vogue

My university was not located in our state

My brothers too

I also knew so many people who worked in states far enough as more than 24 hours’ road journey

Yet, I do not know the season many travel home more

The long hours on the road notwithstanding

Adejare had a minor accident some years ago

Uncle Benjamin lost his left leg

Aunty Chioma was kidnapped and ransomed with a million naira

My father was attacked by kidnappers

So many scary stories enough to make one cancel travels in this season

Well, here we are

Still travelling year after year

Praying as we embark on our journeys

Hoping we would not become a December statistic

Because we must and will visit home during Christmas

Many who suddenly decide to wait behind almost regret immediately

Cities are deserted

The roads empty

Certain governmental facilities shut down

Making one wonder if the reason for the season is to travel home

I would not fail to mention Church

After all, the origin of it all started there

Decorations climb up immediately on the first week of December

Activities triple like never before

And suddenly, every message becomes a Christmas message

It hurts when as a child you are not chosen

For either drama, choreography or Bible recitation

Mothers will fight to ensure their wards participate

Many will clap even if their wards do nothing but stand transfixed on the stage

Maybe, the reason for the season is the avalanche of activities

Adulthood makes one sit to analyze every single thing

Analyze why the sun is up

Why the moon waits till night to reflect

Why man must work to eat

Or why everyone anticipates this season

Christ came as a gift to all men

Christ travelled across waters, heavens to meet man

Christ brought rest from the storms of the earth

Christ brought families together like never before

Christ used all His savings, His blood to redeem man

As I grew older and my children left

I began to count days to Christmas

I waited for the festive season that would bring my family together

I yearned for the season that would once again make my house full

That would make me joyful to be a mother and grandmother

Maybe the reasons are dependent on one another

Maybe we do not need a particular reason for a season

Maybe reasons do not really matter as long as we are happy

Maybe reasons do not need to be found to support our happiness


These days I thank God for Christ more better

I appreciate the government for giving holidays like this

I so much value my children for sacrificing time to come home

I thank my church for cooking up activities worth remembering

I value every passing moment into a new year

The reason for the season is what we name it to be

It is the celebration over our savior’s birth

It is the beautiful time with family

It is the memorable moment of giving gifts

It is the joy we find in everything we do

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