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Bloody Valentine! – A Poem by Becky Peleowo




Bring roses for my love,
Scatter delicate Lilies so white,
Moradeke, my queen, my dove,
So now, why do we fight?

Old naira notes squeezed into a bottle
Were saved to pay your bride price;
They’re moribund now, my petal
All spent, my sweat, my sacrifice!

Those queues at stations break a man,
For the love of Valentine, think not of fuel.
I’ll cool you, my love, with Abebe, the fan
Come now to bed and let’s end this duel.

Valentine is still red, Moradeke, be mine
In this bloody valentine, let’s wine, let’s dine!


Moradeke, be not angry, my heart,
The Amala, ewedu, the goat meat,
Our once-perfect meal before dessert,
Now, is the genesis of our rift.

Cash in exchange for cash,
Blows in exchange for fuel,
You ignorantly don’t call them harsh
But my penny-pinching you call cruel

I’ll eat your amala with watery soup
Skip ewedu, gbegiri, even the goat meat
Moradeke, POS quick cash is such a dupe
Let’s eat the meal and forget the treat.

Ha! My love, the five-star hotel trip,
Will only put me on intravenous drip!


Valentine, quarantine – call it by any name
You want the moon, the stars, to dine in Mars
But our income and my love remain the same
Let’s cast our vote, let’s end this SARS!

Moradeke see now, mighty men cry,
Nursing mothers stifle babies’ cries with a spank.
Full-grown humans bare bodies not batting an eye
Angry neonates pull at the breast with a yank!

Chained up for eight years of change,
Many have suffered, died, committed suicide,
We laboured yet in our pockets, no change
Our youths on valentine consume insecticide.

Let’s follow trends, let’s Japa! let’s leave town,
Then you’ll marry me my love in a Chantilly gown.


Bring sweet roses for my love,
Bring the delicate lilies so white,
Moradeke, my queen, my dove,
Come to your dawn, be my light!

Ife mi, a new dawn will come,
Then, a new nation shall arise,
Soon, you see, I’ll leave this slum;
A new job; a decent pay rise

Come, my love, let’s be a couple,
Let’s kiss, let’s smile, think of the old times
I’ll give you a ring, I’ll make it legal,
Chill in my arms while I sing you love rhymes.

Moradeke my joy, let’s make cute babies,
For the love of you, I’ll clean cute doodies.


Valentine is still red,
Moradeke, be mine
Let’s marry, let’s wed,
Let’s wine, let’s dine!

White, red or black, blue, green or pink
What colour love takes, I’ll wear its stain
Our love’s boat sails, it will never sink
You, be my wife, I’ll bear all your pain

In life, in love, the drama never ends,
No cash, no fuel, no…blah blah blah
Your night calls, your visits on weekends
Make these stay and I’ll leave you in awe

Okan mi, let me be your hero,
And you alone, my Naira, my Euro!




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