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Canticles Of Love: A Poem by Chukwuemeka Oluka




To the one whose faults are small yet loud
That makes my heart groan in loud solitude
I let you wreck and deck me as you vowed
You held tight to your dangling attitude

Here and there, you swung me till I was lost
Lost in the fold and mould of your true self
Like a pearl left in savannas far east
I was lost like a book that left its shelf

But how much longer will this continue?
How long will I stand and wonder and feign?
Near, you are; yet far like the mountain dew
In all, love threw me you so that I gain

Glad I stayed with you and love is anchored
Come pain, come gain, love came, saw and conquered


They may share agbado, cassava and maize
Love we share is above a transient gift
Their future is sold, lost and set ablaze
But ours firm, affirmed and devoid of rift

You by me, the future is not in doubt
Love is the future that will never fade
Like days the grasses were green upon drought
Our love shone through never to ever cave

Days the noontide wears a nightfall garment
The days drought is hidden in a dark cloud
Are days our love will glow on a parchment
Obi m, we will stand tall to what we vowed

In us, love shines bright in valentine’s sky
It will not say goodbye, it will not die


Oh, love, who can tell in a haste your state?
Some stroke for some folk I see you remain
In all moments you maintain your estate
You come through unshattered with enough thane

Who can expose this hue using mere eyes?
Even the kaleidoscope showing a guile
Some say love is bright, dark or like an ice
You are that hue; you are without a guise

Some will say love is neither here nor there
You are love; you have an identity
You are love, you come with a shade so rare
My love I adore with sincerity

My love, you are never over the place
In you, I will forever make a case


Nothing will cloud the love I feel for you
Not the scarce naira of February
It is clear to see; very plain to view
The verdict beautiful, and flowery

My dear love, when push ever comes to shove
Let no one say I am just a pullet
Let no one say I am just a mere dove
Because for you, I will take a bullet

You do not need flowers for valentine
Yes, what you need is the garden instead
My love, you cue a due essence of mine
On your lush plain, I laid me on farmstead
Obi’m, come serenade my gentle heart
Come take these canticles of lovely art


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