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To My Beloved: A Poem by Oluwaseun Osanyinro


Love, they say has no senses
The feeling they say makes one feel weightless
Yet, when I met you, it was as if I had run 10 races
Each look, easy and stressless
I believe I won a medal with you
Cause you brought out the side of me
That made me believe I could achieve anything with you
Than I ever did with a thousand over-serious me

The first change I noticed was my smile
I could light the moon, I was once told
Then you came into my life in a grand style
And suddenly began lighting many suns that were snuffed out cold
I had giggles that made one giggle
I had a laughter that rumbles the stomach
Which you doubled in ripples
Causing me to bless my stars for my luck

I could tell the world of your eyes
The way you stared at me, melting my heart
I could tell the world about your drive
Of course, they should know my love is smart
I could compare you to the fountain
Flowing your love endlessly into my soul
I could compare you to 7 mountains
For you stand tall after every wave or toil

There are several men wise
They are several men fair
Yet you surpass them all with prize
And you race above them in the air
Who would have thought I would find a mate in you?
Who would have thought we would be?
For I had given up on love till I met you
And I had accepted fate to be

I love you now and tomorrow
I love you
If the love ends, I’ll borrow
Cause I want none else but you
I am assured you love me now and tomorrow
I am assured you love me
And if it dwindles, will you borrow?
Will you want another or me?

So, I stand and pray for a future most perfect
A future with you and me
With children and a garden well kept
And a picture of we
I pray for little young ones that look like you’
And few princesses with my eyes and smile
So that we see a picture of the new
A generation of our love merged with smiles

There would be storms ahead but we are ready
I choose to stand beside you all the way
Storms may be few or many
But our love will overcome them, we pray
Others may scorn us
Some may stay
While they are it, we would climb a bus
And show the world perfect love all the way

I love you forever
I know you love me the same
And ever and ever
We are ready to share a name
While the future may seem a little scary
I am not afraid
With you by my side I cannot be weary
Cause you would always come to my aid

I dedicate this to you my Prince
My knight in shining armour
For you slew the dragon that held me since
And became my love, my charmer
Let’s fly away
Let’s soar
For the future holds a great day
And tomorrow, I am certain we would adore

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