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How You Can Change The Narrative by Enkay Nwangene.


Is nursing the only profession for Nigerian immigrants in the US?
I asked a question some time ago on Facebook and got some very interesting responses. Some said it was the vocation of choice for many who seek to start earning as soon as possible while others suggested it is one way of skipping the endemic racial prejudice in many other sectors. There were varying reasons but the aforementioned two formed majority opinion.

Perusing through Facebook recently I saw this interesting story by US-based Enkay Nwangene and decided to publish it. Read on and share….

No Need To Start Life From Scratch While Living Abroad. Do This Instead.

“My people, I Dey Greet Una.

Let’s get practical here, gone are the days when starting life afresh abroad with new certificates was the norm. You know, the usual enrolment for the ‘high-demand’ professional courses/programs (healthcare, business analyst, information technology, you name it). You may still do so if that’s truly your calling. Most of us know it’s more to get out of that survival mode that we find ourselves in upon arrival in a strange land. Thankfully, the new norm is actually Entrepreneurship.

Yes, I said it, Entrepreneurship.

Most economies in the western world reward passionate, solution-driven individuals and families as history record how Entrepreneurs or employers of labor impact any economy much more than employees.

In fact, it doesn’t matter if you’re just arriving or been abroad for decades. The fact is that leaving the familiar (your home country) to the unfamiliar is a huge step outside your comfort zone. If you already did that, what then is stopping you from harnessing endless privileges available to better your life abroad? Every government needs assets not liabilities. Be an asset. Be different. Build wealth. It takes courage to be different. While you’re here, start a business rather than spending on things of less value or borrowing and getting into more student loans for courses that you may never use. If you must, borrow to build a sustainable business that would out-live your extra certificates and diplomas. On the average, most careers need skills upgrade every 3-5 years. So how long would you keep doing that?

In my case, almost 3 years ago, I made a decision to start a digital business that completely changed the course of my life. Little did I know that 16 months later, I would be in charge of my own time. I don dey Canada 10 years, my people. My only regret be say I wish I see this business much earlier than I did.

While building a digital business from my laptop, I was able to:
-Retire early from my nursing career
-Clear off ALL borrowed consumer obligations
-Travel around before the global crisis hit
-Acquire properties in various destinations
-Fulfill one of my ultimate goals which I was just not able to do during the 10 years prior

All happened in my early 30’s!

The best part is these days, I spend my time impacting lives positively.

My calendar is now filled with things I want to do. Living the way I want to.

I’m excited to share my journey, as well as to give you a wake up call.

Well, it’s your turn to learn! Find out how by signing up for a free one on one coaching and mentoring program that would help you until you feel independent and start living how you want. All you need is just 10% personal effort and the system does the remaining 90%. Full Training Is Provided. No experience is needed.
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I can’t wait to connect with you! I tell you, you can actually start enjoying that greener pasture sooner than you anticipated.”

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