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My Father: A Poem by Emmanuel Enaku


As I sit here, trying to string in words, my memories run wild,

Going into overdrive because of what you meant to me.

You were an embodiment of virtue, my friend and paddy.

You were my strength and my everyday inspiration –

Through you, I saw a better version of me.

Your words numbed my worries — my pain and frustrations.

Your voice was always soothing, a healing balm to my wounded soul.

Kyita, you represented everything I aimed to attain.

My role model — an embodiment of masculinity, you were.

Humility and sociability were outstanding qualities you possessed.

Oh, kyita!

When the world was cold, you provided sufficient warmth.

When I was unsure, you gave me clarity.

When I was broken, your gentle pat on my bare back –

Was a reliable adhesive for my broken pieces.

Osofo Adaduro! Mesuga Ehalelo! Sweet father!

You gave me fish and taught me to fish.

You provided my needs and showed me how to do same.

Your love and support had no end.

You taught me to be strong and brave;

To never give up and always be true

You taught me the value of responsibility.

Oh, my father, my hero, my rock!

You were by my side through thick and thin.

You guided me through life’s maze,

With wisdom and patience, you always knew.

Your words were strong and freshly baked,

You instilled strength with every word you spoke.

The pride in your eyes and firm handshakes when I succeed,

Your firm grip on my arms and comforting hugs when I stumble.

You were my compass, my light in the night.

You motivated me to strive, to reach for the sky.

You showed the way with your own wisdom and love.

Your hard work, modesty and generosity still have no rival.

You captured my heart from the start,

Before the time I knew how to say your name.

You showed me what is wrong and what is right,

Your instructions have been a detailed map.

What should be my praise of you, Nnayi?

What would I praise you for?

I am left confused because your every quality was a treasure,

You were a scarce and priceless jewel.

What should be my praise of you?

Would it be your work ethics?

Or your heightened sense of responsibility?

You were just perfect, the best among the best.

My father, the social lion!

You were always so lively in our conversations,

With wit and sometimes with guile, you set me laughing.

You sense of humour was beyond compare;

You were quick with a joke, a master of fun.

Everyone loved you, you were number one –

So full of glee, you were a sight to see and a wonder to associate with.

To my father, a man of love and grace,

I’ll forever be grateful for all you’ve done;

Not just to me but our family as a whole.

You were our anchor when the seas were rough,

You were there through it all.

I am your son, we are always as one

Without you, I wouldn’t stand tall.

I Love you with all of my being.

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