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My Trailing Light: A Poem by Oluwaseun Osanyinro


I could say a million thanks for being a source of inspiration

Your zeal and tenacity towards ensuring you raise a balanced army runs deep

You are a light, an awe of creation

Many works of yours I wish to forever keep

I can remember the first day I met you

You entered my world with not-so-subtle words

Every word spoken seemed like an arrow shot from a bow

Perfectly hitting the target, my heart, and redirecting my world.

I faced trials and tribulations

I spent days in frustration and tears

But you stood beside me, remained steadfast, in concentration

With compassion, you lent me your gentle ears

There were days I stumbled and fell

I had your words as an anchor, a beacon of light

There were days I gave up and sat in the well

Your encouragement was a light, aiding my sight

Many see a lady steadfast

They praise who I have gradually become

Many say she does so well, with no failure in her past

They do not know your impact on the struggles I have overcome

So, I dedicate these words to you

Letting the world know of a man so blessed

A man transforming lives like you

A man of caliber yet easily accessed

Maybe it was your unwavering belief in me

Or it was your words

But you took a risk believing in the giant in me

And through your gentle leading, I became an envy to my world

I became a phoenix under your mentorship

Emerging anew despite the ashes of my past

We gradually moved through our relationship

Much more than the required mentorship cast

I would not deny present moments of self-doubt

Days I would believe less in my worth

I would speak also of days I wanted an out

When I could not see the evidence of my worth

In prayers, in encouragement

You weren’t found lagging

In laughter, in acknowledgment

You always showed me different ways of engaging

Many see the refined me

The lady you have worked on

Many see the wise me

The lady you have invested upon

I could speak of your unending love

A love so strong, couldn’t be quenched

Mirror showed me we need not to be related by blood

Our hearts as one had clenched

I am honored to know You

Your impact cannot be measured

It is always a privilege to be associated with you

And to speak of your works that are treasured

Like a ripple or wave across the sea

Is your first achievement in life to me

It did not stop at you but grew to become pods in a pea

Nourishing many, and especially to me

So, dear trailing light, please believe me

Your impact on my life has become an indelible mark

And to move away from this light, far be it from me

For I would keep following till the sands of time testify to my mark

An ode I wrote to my trailing light

That someday, we would see face-to-face

And though I still face self-doubt as a daily fight

Your words will always be the strength to run my race.

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