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One More Push: A Poem by Solomon Ekoja


Century after century

Year after year

Nation to nation

And village to village

The story’s the same

One more push

Always makes the difference

The corridor of history is laden

With multitudes who lost

Coz they threw in towels

That should have wiped away

Tears of travails

In seasons of breakthrough

Few though

In spite of failures

Took steps further

Until just a push

Engrafted their names

In the sands of history

Imagine roses without thorns

And life without troubles

It’ll be like an empty sack

Expected to stand erect

Without grain

Life’s beautiful

And exudes essence

When we overcome challenges

Trying times abound

Like morning dew

On the mountain top

That fades away

When the sun of faith

Rises from the east

To cast its illumination

Brightly with patience

Just as mistake is part of life

To ere is human

When you fail

Don’t remain in despair

Dust yourself

Get up!

And have a retake

In the monotony of pain

A prize lays ahead

Thomas Edison

Though a renowned inventor

Had several slices

From the bread of failure

A man with flesh and blood

Like you and me

Refused to doubt

Like the doubting Thomas

Nine hundred and ninety nine trials of his

Birthed the light bulb

That illuminates our world

Abraham Lincoln

Another worthy model

For the present generation

Thinking of giving up

Kissed defeat severally

Like rails

On a magnetic track

Through persistence

One more push

Paved his way to the presidency

When there was no way


A portrait of perseverance

Though stricken in years

Got strength to conceive Isaac

The son of promise

After one little push

In the direction of promise


The prophetess

Though a widow of many years

Never stopped interceding

With fasting’s and prayers

When things looked bleak

Until the messiah was born


Though barren

Gave in one push

After Gabriel’s message

To birth the forerunner

John the Baptist

Hellen Keller

Though blind and deaf

From a tender age

Accepted her condition

And little by little

Became the first deaf-blind person

To obtain

An arts degree

Despite piles of failure

Give it a trial

Maybe another strategy

A little push

Harder than the former

Maybe another pull

Like the force of gravity

Maybe just a row

Like the nursery rhyme

In the right direction

That’s all you need

To rewrite the pages of failure

In the leaves of life

Till the boat anchors

On the shores of success

With a book titled

“A man who never gave up”

Don’t give up

Forget giving up

Never ever, give up

Quitters never win

Winners never quit

It’s too late to give up

Coz all that will settle it

Is just one more push.

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