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Your pathway to online productivity.: Disappear For 21 Days.


Week 1:

Welcome to our first meeting.
I’m a stickler for punctuality but I usually give 10 minutes because we all know the frustrations with Nigerian networks.
So after 10 minutes, we started with Becky Peleowo and Solomon Ekoja.

The attendance was good enough for me to unpack my points without any feeling of disappointment.
I’m experienced enough to know that doubts often follow disappointments. It is even more so in the early stages.
Your response should be to hang in there with self-belief because you are creating value to build something bigger than yourself.
The disappointment and doubts will eventually form an interesting part of your success story.

So I thanked them for accepting the challenge and turning up.

Now let’s dive in.

I’m excited about this self-development step of having better control of your time. If you have been following my writing, you will know I’m interested in skills capabilities development with writing as the crucible.
I develop compelling content including but not limited to articles that not only inform but also provoke thought and discourse.
It’s a burgeoning passion fueled by the desire to give back to society.

Before now, I wrote sociopolitical commentaries mostly on Facebook — arguably a complete waste of time.
I could write multiple posts daily. It’s easy. I introduce the topic, smack down opposing views, then present my take and conclude.
That’s it. Post done and arguments ensue!

But if I have to be published in a newspaper — perhaps a worthwhile venture —  I take my time to research the topic, review the background, argue for and against it, and analyse the different perspectives before concluding with my opinion/suggestions. It’s a skill I learned in my Cardiff days studying Political Communication. It’s also a better way of articulating my thoughts in a more comprehensible manner.

However, I decided to move on to scalable writing, investing my resources in building digital communities for knowledge acquisition that will enhance the productivity of our teeming youths.
I no longer fall for cheap dopamine and the vacuous validation of uncritical minds.
Now I derive real enduring pleasure in reading stories from writers in our growing community, in seeing their enthusiasm as we chat during Talkshops and in the vision I have for younger people to be more productive by creating solutions that add value.

The cmonionline essay competition was a baby step I took during the pandemic lockdown of 2020 to improve the waning literary culture in Nigeria.
Through repetitions and iterations, we developed consistency in writing and we keep growing.
Already a member of our community Oluwaseun Osanyinro has published a book and more members will evolve into published authors at the end of our current A Book In A Year” project

We are also evolving into digital creators, educators and multiple solution providers as we acquire practicable digital skills through various e-tivities.
It’s a process, and even though progress may appear slow now, I am certain the tune will be different sooner than later.

By embarking on this journey we will reduce the distractions in a fast-paced world and increase our focus which of course is essential for improved productivity.

During our meeting, I narrated my Facebook story which informed this challenge. I also shared my experience with Communities Of Practice, a module in my post-graduate studies at UCC which exposed me to the importance of group work and collaboration. Future write-ups will have these stories but for now, let’s focus on what we can start doing.

Much of what we have to do in 21 days is in the text you read.
In between we will meet thrice to discuss and learn on Sundays 19/11/2023, 26/11/2023 & 03/12/2023.
If you haven’t read the post please find time to read it here.

Let me repeat number 6 which will form the basis of the final creative project that will win the 100k prize.

Journal: Finally, get a notepad/diary, traditional or digital and write down your daily routine/experience. As hard as it may seem, endeavour to write some words each morning. 100, 200 or more words will do as the following 3 weeks may well prove to be a turning point. And what better way to appreciate it than to record it for possible systemisation, productisation and monetisation!


You can start doing any or all of the following that require zero capital.

1. Create a routine if you don’t have one already.
If your routine is based on your current job you need to modify it to integrate your aspirations.
Don’t spend all your time working to achieve another person’s goal.

2. Start sanitising your social media TL
Follow those who post value and your interests.
Interact, engage.
Social media is a mirror that works on algorithms.
Your input determines your output.
I follow and unfollow people daily.
If you constantly tweet values like writing and other skills I’ll follow you.
If you repeatedly tweet frivolities like betting and porn I will unfollow you.
Read this
post to understand more.

3. Use a reminder to think twice before you act online. eg I have a stop sign as my screensaver. It reminds me to stop engaging in frivolities when I pick up my phone.

4. Start creating online. I’ve written about this here. The creator economy is huge and guess what? It requires zero capital to start. You only need digital skills. There are tons of free and affordable knowledge tutors to learn from. Podcasts, YouTube videos, courses etc.

5. Use tools that aid your consistency. eg I use Buffer to schedule my posts every Sunday. If I’m driving or sleeping my scheduled posts are uploaded. You can start with free versions of these tools till you feel the need to upgrade.

6. Start learning a new skill or something. As you would expect I recommend writing ie if you are not writing already. But there are many other skills, especially digital skills to learn for free. Email and social media marketing, graphic design, copywriting, public speaking, voice-over content etc. You can start learning another language. French, Spanish, Dutch, Mandarin. A 2nd language is a skill. An underrated one for the uninformed. I wrote about this in the past.

There is nothing novel or groundbreaking in these points.
But in my experience, it is better to work and walk together.
That is why I always invite people to join our growing community of practice.

As a community, it’s worthwhile to follow, engage and interact with each other on social media.
We learn a lot that way.

As creatives, it’s fitting to begin with reading.
Feel free to share relevant recommended readings/resources.

Below are my recommended readings/resources.

Book: Attention Span by Gloria Mark
Creator: Dan Koe
Podcast: Akimbo
Spirituality: odb.org
Writing: The Artist’s Way

Besides improving my focus, deep work and productivity my Learning Outcome at the end of this period is to have an outline for my book.
You should have yours too.

Newross and Co is supporting this challenge with 100k which will be won by the best project at the end.
Newross & Co is my boutique in Enugu and has sponsored the activities of our writing community so please support us on Facebook, and Instagram in your own way.
Follow, like share or buy because every little helps!

The winners will be determined by peer review.
I have a pledge from a friend and when it’s redeemed it will be added to the 100k.

See you on Sunday!

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