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Take Responsibility.

  How can we begin to adjust to a new normal or if you like a different normal as we transit to the post lockdown era? I will answer shortly but please permit me to tell a brief story. A few days ago while rummaging through Twitter I stumbled on two successive video clips that evoked some raw emotions. One was about a stray dog that made it his job to protect school kids and ensure that they cross the busy street safely. Extolling the dog, the narrator said that he shows up every single day to shepherd the kids through the pedestrian crossing and even curses out at drivers that refuse to stop. In one instance he chased a car for a few metres, barking repeatedly at the driver before returning to continue his duty. It was a spectacle really and I hadn’t seen anything like that before. The second was on the BBC. A viral video of the multitude at Bournemouth beach on the second day of the recent UK heatwave. I watched as adults carelessly mingled in total disregard of the laid down guidelines to prevent further spread of the COVID-19 virus. The BBC reporter said there had been ongoing problems with “huge numbers” of people visiting the beach, despite the coronavirus pandemic. And that many had camped overnight, parked illegally and even used resident’s front gardens as toilets. Shocking! I was struck by the contrasting events of the two videos and it got me querying why we can’t be like dogs. Frankly, how often have we seen these lovely creatures in acts of protection and compassion? Countless times they have displayed better ability to take responsibility than some adults. You see, it will be easier to get carried away as we begin to enjoy more freedom going into the post lockdown period. Many of us have planned a break or a vacation within the state. Some may have even scheduled an international trip when the quarantine restrictions are lifted in the coming days. But let us have one important thing in mind; The virus is still here with us. It did not go anywhere, it is just that we have managed to curb the spread or as they say “flatten the curve”. However, until we have a vaccine or attain herd immunity as the case may be then no one is entirely safe from contracting the virus. We can be proud that we made it to this stage because many of us complied with the guidelines from health experts. But we must proceed cautiously. The basic instructions are quite simple to maintain. Avoid non-essential activities, observe social distancing, wash your hands regularly and wear a face mask when applicable. Like the dog, let us take responsibility.    

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