Take Away From The COVID-19 Pandemic by Ojesola Itunu.

November 2019, a spectacular month that will remain evergreen in the hearts of humanity. For in
this month, the world played host to an extemporaneous visitor which brought it to a standstill. It
started as an epidemic in the city of Wuhan and metamorphosed that found its way into Nigeria
on February 27, 2020
This pandemic, which in common parlance is referred to as COVID-19, brought the world to a
momentary cessation, turned facemask to our daily apparel and continuously confines us to our
domiciles. It is indeed a threat to our hope, freedom, and unity. Day after day, we are glued to
our screens, waiting solemnly like rams being led to the slaughterhouse, for the next bombshell
about the seemingly in-exorable rise in the number of infections to be dropped.
It has proven to be a thorn in our flesh and a barrier to national progress, as economists have
gravely forewarned about the woes that besiege our economy after this pandemic, that even after
the frenzied war against this unseen enemy, our country is faced with the risk of plunging into
the abyss of economic ruins! Oh! We are totally lost in the gloomy climate of this pandemic and
are frantically struggling to get back on our feet.
Furthermore , the emergence of this global pandemic has left many destitute, as individuals who
could previously boast of three square meals a day now struggle just to afford a miserable meal ,
many have lost their jobs and are left to the mercy of hunger which is now emblazoned on the
forehead of our nation, thus most individuals are left with no option than to get onto the streets
and pitifully beg for alms, while some individuals blindly resort to criminality and continuously
throw many families into agony.
However, due to the plethora of scientific knowledge at the disposal of man today, there is the hope that
in no distant time, this common enemy will be defeated. Although, the havocs wrecked by this pandemic
may take up to a lifetime to be rectified, it has helped to enlighten us on the need for a radical
departure from the primitive ideas that have from time immemorial proven to be the problems of
this generation, thereby making it opium for this dying generation.
Firstly , this pandemic eliminated all barriers which have been the basis for discrimination in the
past, as all and sundry are at the mercy of this pandemic, such that every nation has to depend on
another for one assistance or the other, thereby accentuating the fact that inter- dependencies are
In addition, a slogan that has become ubiquitous goes thus, “You protect me, and I protect you”
further emphasizes the need to collectively take preventive measures against COVID-19, as
failure of someone in this regard will result in an astronomical increase in the transmission and
continued prevalence of this pandemic. This further highlights the beauty that exists in our
collective humanity.
Also, because of the pandemic, we continue to hear the cries of innocent citizens for justice due to the
spike in criminality, occasioned by the ruptured value system of the offenders. This implies that any
action taken by an individual will not only have a resultant effect on him but the entire populace.
It is no news that some countries of the world continue to receive donations and support from various
organizations and individuals to ease the stress of combating the pandemic, there is no gainsaying that
they are currently enjoying the merits of their efficient relationships in the pre COVID-19 era, while some
countries so far have received little or no donations due to their feeble relationship status and thus are left
to wander un-aided in the gloomy weather of this pandemic, as they cannot reap where they have not
Without mincing words, this pandemic has left an indelible mark on all facets of human
endeavors and served as an eye opener in various ramifications, it will forever remain evergreen
in our minds. We hope that we are almost out of this tunnel; we all need to stay safe and come
together in order to win this war as one and live to tell the story.


Ojesola Itunu wrote in via ojesolaitunu@gmail.com

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