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Essay Competition: Week 4 Winner.


Dear good people, we have our winner/s of the cmonionline essay competition week 4.

Once again the following 2 essays made the top 3 for both judges.

An Overview Of Edo State Gubernatorial Election: Lessons And Regrets by Bolaji Alade.

The 2020 Edo Gubernatorial Polls: Intrigues And Lessons Learnt by Chukwuemeka Oluka.

As previously noted by a judge, Bolaji will make a good research writer. His diction and structure are great. He introduced his topic by referring the reader to the 2nd law in Robert Greene’s best selling 48 laws of power. He then developed it by relating the law to the events of the Edo guber elections before proceeding to discuss the lessons learnt from the election. He concluded with a suggestion which could have been better developed for lucidity and as usual served us a bibliography. However, one thing is evident; Bolaji improved by adding more original ideas this time as recommended by the judge. Good work all round.

Chukwuemeka Oluka has established himself as a natural writer with an easy flow. His introduction was styled much like a media report, taking the reader through the events leading up to the election before delving into the core issues and dissecting the lessons learnt therein. He distinguished himself as a critical thinker with a poignant point when he stated thus: Meanwhile, this party is supposed to and does actually choose the ministers, ambassadors and security officials that engage in negotiations on behalf of the country and as well, saddled with addressing the intricate socio-cultural, political and economic challenges of a country like Nigeria. Yet, the hierarchy of the ruling party was unable to see the bigger picture. We just can’t agree more with this objectivity and frankly, it is the highlight of week 4 for me. This was a very good essay, rich in content and equally well structured. Kudos Chukwuemeka.

As I am unable to break the tie I will have to award a cash price of N10,000 each to these two writers because not only do they deserve it, they have consistently sent in entries without being discouraged when they didn’t win. I hope this will encourage them to do better. That’s the whole idea. Congrats guys!

More feedback:

Ifekrisiti: “An excited tone, a very good storyteller but needs to improve in consistency and continuity. Also, try and incorporate parts of speech like metaphors to deliver punchlines”

Bolaji: “Well worded, very consistent, use of metaphors and citations, grammar impeccable, and the bibliography a nice addition. However, add more storytelling to develop some points further”

Oluwaseun: “Good storyline, wordings are good, use of nice catchphrases, very explicit and easy to understand”

Emmanuel Chukwuemeka: “Well worded with flow and consistency. Use of metaphors and catchphrases. Very distinct in writing and delivery. Grammar is top-notch as well as easy to understand and readable. Very communicative as well.”

Oyinola: “Well worded, had a good flow with good citations and references. However, you can improve in clarity and brevity with your conclusion”

Osifo Daniel: “Good grammar, delivery and storytelling skills. But the writer would have done a great job if he had the patience to recheck their work..always EDIT!

Now that’s about it.

Thanks to everyone for their support especially our judges and sponsors. And once again congratulations to our writers and readers. We are doing well..oin!

Next up will be the topics for week 5.

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