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Essay Competition: Week 5 Winner.


We have our winner/s for week 5.

Connecting The Dots From The Labours Of Heroes Past by Folarin Oluwatimilehin.

Again, Folarin displayed brilliant quill wielding in a balanced and well-researched essay. His grammar, syntax, punctuation were all accurate and the message was optimistic which is relevant to the Nigeria of today while at the same time conveyed a good appreciation of the challenges. Well done Folarin and congratulations on your 2nd winning.

Through A Father’s Gaze by Johnson Onyedikachi.

Absolutely loved reading this. Very impressive from an 18-year-old”. His narrative flowed effortlessly with sublime imagery. He made excellent use of punctuations. His essay ranked in the top three for both judges and Uju Okeke generously awarded a cash prize of N5,000 to encourage him. Well done Johnson and keep writing.

More feedback:

Paul Akherialea: Had great sentiments and some relevant ideas but needs to improve in diction, syntax and structure to make his message more comprehensible.
Oladejo Victor: A beautiful story but punctuation needs improvement and sometimes simplicity will suffice for the average reader.
Oyinola Abosede: A good essay but you need to improve on punctuation and syntax. Also, research better to make more accurate assertations.
Chukwuemeka Oluka: Well written with a proper clarification of the concept and examples to address the issues while maintaining a simple language. However, he needs to improve on attributes. 
Bolaji Alade: Good essay. The writer described three things he wished he knew but needed to develop two of those better for the reader’s clarity.
Osanyiro Oluwaseun: Fantastic, everything flows, grammar is intact, spellings intact, punctuation on point and message relevant. This essay made the top 3 for both judges however, more development would have clinched the prize!
Aaron Livingstone: Well written, everything in check with good diction and flow. However, this essay needed a stronger conclusion and some references to back the assertions made.

So there you have it, we are making progress especially with the feedbacks. We will keep improving because that’s the aim. We wish to thank everyone for their support especially our judges and sponsors. We also thank our writers and readers. Stay with us because this journey can only get better.

Next up will be the topics for week 6.

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