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#EndSARS by Osanyinro Oluwaseun.


If he had known that day would be his last, he would have called his loved ones to say a proper goodbye, he would have teased his best friend one last time, he would have finally manned up to his best friend’s sister and tell her he liked her and envisioned a relationship with her.
Too bad!
Nobody told him his mother’s answered prayers were going to cause tears soon.
Nobody told him the nice knickers his friend gave him as a birthday gift would make him a target.
Nobody told him.
He was in urgent need of cash that evening and so he strolled to the nearest ATM.
With his phone on his right and ATM card on his left hand, he once more rocked his knickers and whistled on his way.
About a stone throw to his destination, he suddenly stood still as a car parked beside him.
On further observation, he realized who they were.
He has heard of them and always hoped never to see them.
The shouts of the men for him to stop were he was threw him into confusion at first.
They asked for his personal details, where he was coming from and going to which he answered but did not have his ID card to back up.
His phone was taken from him and his messages scrolled through.
When they asked for the source of the #500,000, he almost laughed.
He explained that it was his mother’s money sent by his uncle to complete their house.
Her answered prayers.
They didn’t believe and the argument began back-and-forth.
Soon he resorted to begging them. Maybe they could follow him home and confirm from his mother.
The slap that came after three caution away from him because suddenly, he ran.
He was sure they were pursuing him so he went the direction of his home.
Then he felt a sharp pain in his head and then no pain at all.
As he felt down to the ground, he heard screams of passersby and heard the squad car zoom past him.
They were not following him to his mother’s house after all.
His last thought was “why did I come out this evening?” before he let the blissful darkness welcome him.

This is me in the mind of one of the victims ?
I’m so happy the government is taking necessary steps.
I’m so happy the youths have a voice once again in Nigeria.

#EndSARS-uncultured modus operandi


Osanyinro Oluwaseun, a graduate of Microbiology and currently a master student of Public Health at the University of Ibadan runs a blog on WordPress deejemima.wordpress.com

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