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Retirement Visions by Favour Nwachukwu.

As he rounded up his speech with a final quote, I couldn’t help but marvel at such a great man, i was fascinated, everyone at the congregation was for there was a standing ovation as he exited the stage, rounds of applause from thousands of people who had come to learn. It was a conference held at one of the prestigious hotels gathering all who wanted to learn about the retirement dreams of various business tycoons and investors.. It was wonderful, I learnt a lot of things that day but that day also was the beginning of thoughts about my future..I couldn’t stop thinking about about his retirement dreams, David Bach a Tv personality and the author of the finish rich series, that conference spiked up a new feeling in me..
Up until that day, I have never really thought about that aspect of my future, I had thought about how my future would look like but not how it was supposed to look like when I would be ending. As I left for home that day, I kept thinking about my retirement dreams, what I would be doing during my retirement times..
A lot of people start thinking of retirement when they are getting, but I think mine would be slightly different because I don’t dream of retiring when am like 80 and don’t have the stamina to enjoy my retirement, I dream if retiring at a younger age like 50-60, where am still agile and capable to achieve my retirement dreams.
One of my retirement dreams would be on engaging in a lot of things different from what I was used to, I dream of enjoying nature especially. Traveling round the world, getting a view of God’s creation, getting ideas and writing about a whole lot of things I would be studying, looking into different sectors, getting acquainted with various walks of life..
There hasnt been a time i had dreamed of not achieving my goals before my age of retirement,my dream and aim in life have been on retiring when all I have sought to achieve had gained success, a lot of people would be wondering how I plan to hit success at a early stage. But there’s something have learned tha when you earnestly desire a thing and seek it with all your heart, that thing ends up successful. My dreams which along with the strategies I plan to work on, I see them coming to reality.. One of my major dreams apart from traveling and viewing nature’s beauties will be being in the mids my children and grand children, get to know more about my grand children, making sure they learn a lot, spend a lot of time with them, put into their memories the pictures of a loving and hardworking woman.
 At the age of 60, I should be the CEO of a wealthy institute focusing on bringing more awareness into my country about biochemical technologies, so when I would be retiring, I plan on focusing all my hard earned wealth gathered from all these years into improving the lives of individuals, giving humans all over the world an incentive to thoughts about the betterment of their future..establishing a solid foundation for young one who have no background and sponsor, helping them to set their paths straight..
I also plan on being more align with my creator, drawing and winning souls for Him, I had always had this dream of winning African children especially the boys to God, I had always been pained about how children (young boys of age 13-19) always ended up losing their lives to the hands of various unhealthy addictions, I once learnt of a place where young one where being gathered and taught how to smoke all sort of drugs, take alcohols and living a life that they eventually regret..I would like to take up on that. Traveling round the world to schools, colleges and universities, enlightening them about the dangers of all these things they indulge in..offering scholarships to those who are willing to follow the right path.
Also, I plan on enhancing the relationship between mothers and daughters especially when these daughters are at their teen ages..this breech which has been going on for long is most commonly experienced in the Christian field, so I plan on conducting seminars on how mothers are to cope and relate with their kids especially when they are growing up along side with my others retirement plans, All these I plan on executing during the early years of retirement.
For my later years of retirement, when I wouldn’t be that strong to continue my travels and seminars, I will be conducting online seminars and lectures for my various interest then spend the rest of the day relishing in the taste of different delicacies from across the world.
I don’t necessarily think that retirement dreams should be all about staying home, waking up late, watching Tv and enjoying yourself even if its also an aspect of it, I do think its a time to take a break off from that major thing you have been working on for years and trying something different, like a way to try something new.
Favour Nwachukwu wrote in via nwachukwufavour232@gmail.com
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