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Essay Competition: Week 14 Winner.

Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Oluka is the winner of the N10,000 cash prize for week 1 with the essay titled: I Support Zoning “With My Full Chest”.

Emmanuel is one of our pioneer writers in this competition. He has won previously in week 4 alongside Bolaji when their impressive essays couldn’t be separated. This time he appealed for his title to be retained by the editor as “it was deliberately captioned to reflect the content of the essay as can be seen in the introductory paragraphs and concluding paragraph”. Well, the editor obliged and here we are.

Congrats Emmanuel. We will love to read more from you.


Infidelity In Relationships: Causes And Effects by Emmanuel Enaku, The Politics Of Zoning: A Solution In Nigeria’s Pluralism by Opara Udochukwu, Cheating In Love by Johnson Onyedikachi and Infidelity: A Ravaging Virus by Mercy Ofem are great essays that made the top five. The writers are encouraged to keep pushing the pen.

The following are some points listed by a judge who is equally a seasoned educationist as assessment considerations.
1. Grammatical errors, wrong spelling and wrong punctuation.
2. Obvious carelessness in re-reading or cross-checking work.
3. Lack of creativity/originality.
4. Verbosity and repetitions.
5. The use of unnecessary words to impress.
6. Not paragraphing. Sign that that such a person is a Facebook writer and has to know the difference between writing officially and then on social media.
7. Boring and awkward start of paragraphs.
8. The use of a singular and connecting plural words in a sentence. (b). Digits and figures in words in writing.
9. A disconnect between the caption and the body of the essay.
10. Professional v. leisure spot writing.
11. A lack of flow between paragraphs. Haphazard style of writing.
Writers are advised to take note to enhance their chances of winning.
We thank you all for being part of this journey.
Next up will be the topics for week 15.
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