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A Tribute To Mazi Ukonu.


Mazi Ukonu passed on today..if you grew up in old Imo state in the 70/80s then this legendary entertainer must have put a smile on your face at one point.

Saturday nights were filled with fun as he anchored the popular Ukonu’s club..a weekly show similar to the Don Cornelius’ Soul Train..he will crack jokes..sing and dance to your delight even as various artistes and bands showcase their talent.

I still remember his favourite song before interlude..ūüé∂onye kpo nkita bia church ūüéĶchupu ya chupu yaūüé∂oga atagbu ndi n’ege ntiūüéĶūüėÖūü§£

He lived life to the fullest and died at the golden age of 91. Rest in peace Mazi..you left many of us with sweet memories.

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