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Covid-21 by Ojetunde Esther.



The Coronavirus disease 2019(Covid-19) started in Wuhan city, China and has since then spread throughout the world locking down even the strongest economy.

A virus as dangerous still requires a human being to replicate and without them, it is like an object.

The Covid-19 virus like other viruses in Nigeria, HIV, tuberculosis has come to stay. The high time we accept that the better for us. In this second wave of the virus which has started ravaging the countries of the world is said to have been a mutation of the virus in the United kingdom. Hence making the vaccine almost useless.

There are lessons Nigerians need to take home from this virus;

  1. Prevention is better than cure.
  2. Improvement on research.
  3. Enlightenment of the public.
  4. Empowerment of local herbal cure people.


One thing this virus exposed in people was our weakness in preventing our selves. Before we point accusing fingers at the government for not closing the airline early and borders, let us reflect on ourselves too.

When last did we use our nose masks? Oh ok I used it yesterday

Ok yes, but where on your chin or nose or even your neck?

Did you sneeze on your elbow?

What of that your uncle that came back from Benin republic?

Did you allow him self-isolate for 14 days upon return? Or no you smuggle him in

The bulk of these problems are on us, the faster we take the bull by the horn the better for us.

The more we fight the disease by protecting ourselves, we reduce the risk of transferring it on ourselves. We also prevent the death of health workers most especially doctors, this disease has sent them to their early graves.



I have always passed by a research institute beside my hostel on the way to class and back and wondered what those people were always doing there. Not until this pandemic and I started hearing about NCDC results then I understood their significance.

Even though I was a literate like many other people we weren’t even aware of what they really do or 10% are vaguely familiar of what they do. This should not be so. The government need to invest money into research. If these had be done we won’t be facing the high transmission rate we are facing now.

Researchers would have gone into investigating the disease right from when we were hearing rumors of it.


When you ask people on the streets if Covid-19 is real, 5% believe it is real while the remaining 95% argue with whether it is real or it been a disease for only the reach. What a tragedy it is!

The government needs to step up it’s games by coming down to the level of the masses and saying it in a way that can understand. Not just organizing meetings at Abuja and propounding laws that are not feasible. A visit to the market will give a good instance of that. People muddled up together in a place. The place been dirty, dirty beggers on the road sides and sellers dragging people to buy their wares.

How do you practice social distancing in that kind of situation?

The leaders know the way they clamour and gather people together during campaign, those market people especially. If they can do that the rate of transmission would reduce.

Government should also bring people out to show people so they can see with their eyes the effect of the virus and how real it is.


In Pharmacy, drugs are obtained from two main sources; Plants and Animals. Those in research could also employ the help of these people. It would hasten their process of producing the drug. These people have worked with the plants for years. The knowledge passed down to then by their fore-fathers. Though they might not know the chemical composition of those mixtures but compromise between the two will make a great combo, and the drug is produced!This is the knowledge that India use to produce herbal tea we drink and other treatment and today they are called the father of modern medicine.

Therefore, the second wave been Covid-21 for it not to become covid-22 or covid-22 the above listed points should be considered and everyone taking the parts they consign them home to work on.

Ojetunde Esther, a first-year student of Pharmacy in the University of Lagos wrote in via ojetundeesther45@gmail.com




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