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My 26 Week Adventure With cmonionline.com by Oluwatimilehin Folarin.



It was the second time in three years my elder brother will be saturating the house with boxes filled with awards. “Your food is on the table,” my mother in a bright tone welcomed him in grand style. Despite keen competitions from students in the most prestigious government-owned school in Ogun State, David found his way to clinch the glory once again in Abeokuta Grammar School’s annual essay writing competition. To my greatest surprise, pulling off his shirt, rather than heading to the dining room, David navigated his way to the reading table to check out the meaning of some new words he heard that day. His thirst for learning is second to none. I had to swallow my pride that day as I accepted his long-proposed offer to be my mentor.

I, for one, have always felt I excel in anything I lay my hands on, but not in written communication.  My ability to successfully communicate my thoughts, ideas and passion through words and expression seemed to be like a mountain that cannot be levelled. However, I didn’t realize all I needed was a coach who could help me see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Regrettably, procrastination wrestled with me ceaselessly. Anytime my brother gives me task to accomplish, I will fall short of the deadline. Shortly, I transited to writing 500-word essay effortlessly. It was like heaven on earth for me in the writing world until I attempted to put in for essay competitions. Losing out in the first round of Ivypanda and WISCE essay competitions drove away my zeal for writing.

It was a bright Thursday. Surfing the internet after successfully getting home on a busy Kuto market day, my brain could not but direct me to the soft bouncing and well-laid bed in my room. After responding to so many unanswered messages on my Facebook account, I was going through my timeline till I stumbled on a post from cmonionline.com which I paid less attention to. Days passed by and my eyes had another contact with a post from cmonionline.com, but this time, it was a broadcast about the weekly essay competition that was kick-starting. I was intrigued! The second topic out of the three set of topics caught my attention. I meticulously took my time to write on “my takeaway from the COVID-19 pandemic.’’ Sadly, my effort was not enough to displace all other participants for me to be the pioneer winner of the contest, but I was compensated with a cash prize from one of the judges.

Without any iota of doubt, after my first experience with cmonioline.com weekly challenge, I could envisage that I would need to modify my approach to writing and critical thinking. I invested time to learn more skills in different genres of writing. As a critical thinker and not-too-bad writer, I thought I had a better understanding of creative expression until I lost out consecutively in weeks that followed. However, upon the repeated losses, I realized I would have to challenge myself more and explore the depths my writing could reach. This paved way for me as my essay titled “connecting the dots of the labours of our heroes past,” won the week 5 of the prestigious essay contest.

Beyond winning, I set my gaze on how to fully explore other diverse areas of writing by painstakingly reading the entry of each participants and jotting down new creative styles I find out. Creative writing made me realize there were no limits on the number of words when it comes to expressing my thoughts, feelings or opinion about a subject matter. I could convey how I feel a thousand different ways, and I mastered the act of perfection in my written words. I became a more proficient writer, and not only did my words contain more depth and soul, but my writing entered a whole new different arena I didn’t realize it was possible.


New circumstances always make me a bit nervy and my first set of essays in the weekly essay writing competition organised by cmonionline were no exception. It took me a very long time to articulate words for my chosen topics, but I knew that the more I practise, the better I will become. Writing has always been one of the things I desire to gain mastery over, nevertheless, the initial step anytime I pick up my pen to write or laptop to type has been my daunting enemy.

Coming up with a fantastic content in less than a week is the leading challenge since my journey with cmonionline.com started. Once I do not start the day the topics are being published, my chances of submitting my entry for that week is close to zero.

Moreover, since I started the writing competition with cmonionline, I have learnt that it is more than a competition that drives me to stay up all night, I have also developed my ability to critically analyse arguments and creatively express myself in academic, social or political setting.

More importantly, with the different weekly topics from cmonionline essay competition, I have learnt to strategically choose my battles and maximize my strengths. When I think of the learning process I have been through in the past few months, I realize learning something new can be a scary experience. Before I got to know about cmonionline weekly essay challenge, I could choose any topic and write well on it. On the flip side, if I am given a topic, it will be harder to make the essay enjoyable to read. But now, whether I formulate a topic or I’m given a theme to write on, my essay will be flowing with milk and honey.

Cmonionline has taught me to have the spirit of persistence, consistency and endurance to achieve my desired goal of becoming an adept writer. We learn from mistakes and nobody is perfect. Writing essay competitions is a good example. I enjoy receiving feedback from cmonionline because it builds my confidence in writing and how I can improve myself. There’s room for growth as a writer.

During the course of the weekly essay writing, I inculcated the habit of being my own judge, knowing my sponsoring organizers-cmonionline, following the laid down rules, working tirelessly towards the deadline and structuring my essay with clarity of mind. Also, I learnt to be unique in my articulation of words, transforming my thoughts into writing and not recycling previously written essays.

As a popular axiom says, “We rise by lifting others help.” I have introduced so many of my friends to cmonionline.com. Many of them have graciously appreciated me for the invaluable site I exposed them to improve their writing creativity. However, I have noticed that the rate at which new writers participate is negligible.  Instagram and LinkedIn could also be welcomed for the expansion of the vision of cmonionline.com.

Furthermore, I will also like to appreciate the judges for the unrelenting efforts in grading and giving feedback. However, there should be consistent feedback on all entries at all times. This is to encourage all writers and make them feel emboldened.

In all, through the efforts of the organisers, sponsors, readers and writers of cmonionline.com weekly essay competition, my thoughts are now open to details involving any subject because I have learnt how to develop educative, informative or even entertaining contents in a logical manner. My writing has become succinct, and my ability to point out different complexities in a subject matter has now enormously improved.


Folarin Oluwatimilehin wrote in from Abeokuta via oluwatimilehinfolarin@gmail.com

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