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Essay Competition.


Welcome to the maiden essay competition on the progressive public sphere!

An important part of our mission is to encourage each other in our literary journey. So we have decided to make it even more rewarding by creating an opportunity for writers to earn more.

Our essay topics will vary between the two ends of the literary rope in journalism and creative writing. Our readers prefer crisp, concise, and stimulating works. So have that in mind as you write so as to improve your chances of winning. Please endeavour to submit original texts as we have zero tolerance for plagiarism.

The process is simple.

1. Essay topics and specifications are published every Sunday.

2. Published works are shared widely online and on our social media platforms.

3. Our judges will pick the winner from the published essays for the week.

4. The winners are announced the following day and cash prizes are paid.

Updated: Submit your work and you could be one of the winners of the N60,000 and N30,000 cash prizes we pay out every fortnight. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for weekly updates on the current essay topics and specifications. You can peruse our general guidelines here. Thanks and good luck!



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