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Where Soludo Should Start.


So after trooping out to vote over the weekend, we sat at home yesterday but today we will file out to vote again in Ihiala?

Now hear this.

Anambra is a unique state with abundant human and material resources. The two most prominent Igbo names in history and the only Igbo Vice President are from Anambra. I can go on and on in other sectors but let us just say that we have always produced the first 11 of Igboland as was evident in the calibre of candidates we had in this election. So we can rightly claim the title of Igbo 1st son.

In Igbo tradition, the first son leads. But before we can lead as the light of the nation we have to first illuminate the South East.

So what am I trying to say?

In 2018 I wrote that Peter’s emergence as Atiku’s running mate should trigger the political renaissance of Ndigbo win or lose. Unfortunately, Okwute shirked from the responsibility after Atiku’s defeat.

It has been shameful that for some time now a state with the highest number of billionaires in Africa has been at the mercy of a jobless fugitive and his fraudulent cohorts.

That we have allowed our industrious population to continually shut their businesses because of a shady Afaraukwu character with no known history is nothing short of an abomination.

Fortunately, opportunities remain infinite. The election is literally won and lost so it is time to move on. There is much work to be done and Soludo has to hit the ground running. He should not wait for the handover next March. He must begin now to speak.

He should deploy diplomacy in approaching the worsening insecurity in the state and the wider South East region. A political solution is possible if the matter is tackled tactfully.

It is not enough to ask the Federal Government to release the Nnamdi Kanu without admonishing his mob of terrorist disciples. It doesn’t work that way. The non-state actors must be reminded that we are in a democracy and the govt is bound by oath to protect the sovereignty of the nation. They must be told in clear terms that they have been misled into a fraudulent agitation and that a Biafran state is even farther than it was in 1967.

Let us stop digging in the wrong cemetery. The *seat at home harms none other than the Igbos.

We must resolve to take control of our collective destiny in a positive manner. Henceforth any idiot that ventures to enforce illegal orders should be rounded up and handed over to the authorities. That is the way forward.

Congratulations to Prof Soludo and Anambrarians. We have shown that we are mature and peaceful.

Kudos to the other contestants who despite the odds still gave it their best. The accolade will always be for the man in the ring. They will do well to concede after the official announcement and dust themselves for the future.

Thank you President Buhari for ensuring a free and fair process. Once again you have lived up to your democratic values as a man of impeccable integrity.

May God bless Nigeria.

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