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Topics: Essay Competition Week 44.


Welcome to #Week44 of the #CmonionlineEssayCompetition. Please choose from the following topics and write to possibly emerge as one of the winners of the N30,000 cash prize.

Creative Writing:

  1. Write an epistolatory short story in which the protagonist writes to their lover while serving a life sentence.

Opinion Essay:

  1. Gender-based violence and religion: Explore the effects of religious beliefs in abusive marriages giving practical suggestions.

NB: Our topics are not titles, so feel free to caption your essay as you wish but please make it smart and brief. Be Creative!

Important!!! The word count is (1500 )± 10%. You can submit via admin@cmonionline.com

We will publish the essays as they come in for the audience to read. Share and get friends to discuss your work, it is part of the growth process. Please try to edit your entries properly and submit early to make our job easier. 

Submit on or before 30/04/2022 at 11.59 pm.

Our assessment this time will be by peer review. Follow our social media handles for more on this after submission.

Please endeavour to read our general rules before submitting your work. Pay particular attention to items 2 & 9 because many entries have been trashed for not following instructions. Also, read the changes made recently here.

WARNING!!! PLAGIARISM will get you banned from participating in this competition. We are here to learn not to steal.

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