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Roses And Orchids Are For The Bad Girls by Kelechi Eme



The life of a woman has always been a topsy-turvy affair, especially in an environment inhabited by inglorious men draped in licking pants. They sit in judgment over the same women they devoured like wolves without scruples. This ‘Phariseeism’ trends highly among the upper class men that barely strode the thorn laden lane of poverty in search of elementary aliment needed to keep body and soul together. During my “career” as a social climber, I encountered men and women of diverse backgrounds. The women were less judgmental of my history than the men, yet the same men never took their hands off my body. I am a woman that passed through the rigours of life to attend my present status. I owe nobody an apology for my actions. Men ravaged my body, humiliated me and made me their item when reliving their libidinous escapades. Men will always put a woman down when they have the opportunity, so why should I spare them when the role is reversed to my advantage?

I had barely finished my worship ministration when I received a note from the General Overseer of the church asking me to see him after the day’s programme. “Daughter of Zion, you brought down the host of angels this night. I want you to join me and a select group of prayer warriors for an all-night vigil immediately after the programme. GO”. He inscribed on a piece of paper. Without bordering my poor brain to decipher what the note meant, I concluded that he had planned another rendezvous in his usual meticulous manner. I took my seat among the “special church workers” and smiled to myself endlessly. “The joke is on the cheering and shouting congregation” I told myself. I silently indulged myself as the unofficial first lady of the church that boasts of over 100 branches across the globe. My thoughts drifted away from the service and dwelled in self-induced delusion of spiritual ecstasy laced with romantic eroticism.

The plushy Golden Tulip Hotel, Accra located near the 37 Military Hospital roundabout prides itself as the first five star hotel in post democratic Ghana. Beyond the exquisite nature of its rooms, the general restaurant situated adjacent to the bar overlooking the swimming pool manifests splendor and affluence. The first lady of a mega Pentecostal church leisurely swam the full length of the pool in four return trips, flapping her arms in a manner that depicted supreme athleticism. She calmly climbed the steps and exited the pool and relaxed her body on a pool bed. Her eyes were still covered with her swimming goggles that made it practically impossible for her to be recognized by an unsuspecting watcher. However, the man seated at the tail end of the restaurant was not deceived. He was rather impressed by the good job she did in camouflaging herself. He had received a DHL package couriered from Lagos to Accra a few days earlier from a partner based in Lagos. It contained three different pictures of the woman he was watching in different poses. The written instruction was simple: “Maintain maximum surveillance as well as zero presence on the object in the picture. Report all activities on daily basis without exception.”

She rose from the pool bed and walked quietly to the hotel room. “Welcome my angel. I was looking at you through the window.” A young male voice romantically greeted her while ushering her into the room. At the age of forty three (43) the woman still carried the body of a thirty (30) years old woman. Her youthful body had nothing to do with keeping fit or any special gene in her system. She has been sex starved for years since her husband sojourned to “Jelly land” without a return ticket. She was grossly unsexed. The young man in his early thirties was part of the delegation that accompanied her from Lagos to Accra on a missionary assignment. He has been working with her for two weeks and they have sensationally fallen in love but lacked time and “safety” for consummation. He grabbed her without ceremonies and tore her swimming trunk into shreds to behold the most challenging boobs he ever saw in lifetime. Mesmerized by the solidity of the boobs and the added incentive of shagging the wife of his boss, he “ordered” her to remain in a doggy position. She was temporarily disappointed that he was going to start right away without adequate romance. “Well half bread is better than nothing.” She consoled herself. To her relief, the young man knelt down under her tommy and began tongue massaging her in a manner she never believed existed. He worked on her with his tongue from her tommy to her reproductive orifice all the way to her anal circle and through the bum line to her hips. He occasionally bite her with his teeth. She cried, moaned and almost squeezed the living day light out of him. By the time he immersed his dick into her through the back, her sexual revival was complete. “You have brought peace and sanity to womankind.” She whispered inaudibly. “I will keep you forever Nat and nobody will transfer you away from my office.” She shouted at him.

The General Overseer was putting finishing touches to his preparation for his presentation at a special programme in Abuja when he glanced at his computer and saw his wife in a merciless sexual orgy with one of his junior pastors. He was shocked at the ferocity of the copulating duo and caused his jelly like manhood. He knew his wife had a weakness for young and good looking men but he never contemplated the rapacious tigress he was seeing on his computer screen.  He shut down the computer and placed a call to a number with a hidden identity. “Your people in Accra are doing a “decent” job so far. I need the full report, pictures and videos sent to the Port Harcourt address I gave you a few days back.” He said with authority and the line went dead. He knelt down and prayed to God for forgiveness and hope that his sins will be forgiven. “If David was forgiven by God, then he has hope of salvation despite his randy nature.” He spoke to himself.

He personally orchestrated the seduction of his wife in an effort to convincingly push for a divorce before the elders of his church. He did not only ensure that the young man he saw on the screen with his wife was posted to her office, he made sure that an unknown member of the delegation  bugged and planted cameras in her hotel room in Accra, Ghana.

I was walking down the auditorium to meet Michael and inform him of the special night vigil for the select group of church workers when a man walked up to me in a very brisk manner. “Are you Madam Tess?” He inquired. I answered in the affirmative and he handed over a complimentary card to me. “His Excellency, Governor Kalim tasked me to deliver this to you. His wish is that you call him promptly.” He continued without giving me time to look at the card. “Governor Kalim?” I asked. The memories flashed back immediately. He was the first man that treated me with dignity and respect when he was a member of National Assembly. He made me to see the other side of good life. I did not know he has become a governor. “Send my greetings to him and let him know that I will call in a few days.” Was my feeble effort at dismissing the man who appeared obviously worried at my not being outwardly impressed by the card he delivered. “Kindly let me have your number madam.” He pleaded. “I will call him. This is my church and he can always visit me here.” I said in dismissal and strode away towards where Michael was seated. Michael hugged and congratulated me on my performance. “You did so well my darling. I am so proud of you. My worry is that Gerald stormed out of the church for a reason I am yet to understand.” He said while holding and squeezing my hand. “Never mind sweetie, I am sure he is fine wherever he is.” I reassured and led him out of the auditorium. We drove quietly home and I got his permission to attend the night vigil.

“You were marvelous with the microphone when you led the worship. You reminded me what the wife of a General Overseer” should be.” The five star “Man of God” greeted as he led me into the inner sanctum of his private lodge. “Did I arrive too early for the vigil?” I said in an apparent demonstration of my pretentious surprise of meeting no other church worker at his lodge. “Be of good cheer daughter of Zion. The revelation about you is complete and verily I say unto you, the cockerel shall not crow twice before the manifestation of the divine assignment you have been penciled down for.” He spoke in his usual calm but authoritative manner. I was momentarily lost and could not locate his drift. “I am your vessel my lord. Use me as thou deem fit.” I responded with smiles in an unsuccessful disguise of my confusion. I gazed into his eyes and confirmed instantly that no vigil was scheduled. He planned an orgy for two. Orgy? That cannot be. A man incapable of standing up talk less of touching down cannot engage in any sexual orgy. I noticed his eyes were expectant. “I am not prepared for what your eyes seek at this moment my lord. You should have been explicit in your note.” I said to him while rolling my eyes seductively. His eyes were ferociously burning with desires and this gave me no chance to turn him down.

I dragged him by the collar of his shirt into the bathroom and undressed him. The sight of the dead manhood ignited an instant repulse in me. From the blues, the memory of late Chief Badmus flashed into my consciousness. I made up my mind to administer a “Badmus treatment” on him. “We are going to play a game of trust and obey my lord. No questions asked and no unasked questions shall be answered.” I spoke into his ears. I dashed back into his sanctum and selected three belts. Lie face down.” I commanded and he obliged. I tied his two legs and two arms together, poured cold water on his body and abandoned him momentarily. I enjoyed the bewildered look on his face. By the time I returned, he was already shivering on the marble floor. I flogged him relentlessly while sprinkling more cold water on his bare body. “Stop please and untie me.” He pleaded amidst tears. I continued and his scream intensified with every lash I dished at him. Like magic, his dick sprout up like a newly germinated seed, maintained hardness and kicked intermittently. Without wasting time, I grabbed the erect dick and covered the entire length and breadth with my mouth while wobbling his balls with my palm. I was thoroughly embarrassed by his cries and moans. He brought down the whole building in expression of ecstasy. I worked on him until he came like a thunderbolt. He screamed and kicked his tied limbs which warned me of his “readiness to celebrate mass with the gods.” I gently removed my mouth from his manhood and gently stroked it with my wet palms. His first pump almost touched the roof of the bathroom and the volume of his release could have been enough to carry-out dozens of IVF procedures. “Will you marry me Theresa?” He asked. I simply laughed him off and began the process of cleaning his body and the entire bathroom. “Daughter of Zion, you have restored the essence of humanity. I want you to be my wife.” He repeated. “You are not serious my Lord. Are you? I responded.

In the comfort of his palatial government lodge in Abuja, a northern state governor had barely finished his early evening prayers when his direct line rang. “Is that His Excellency, Gov. Kalim? A female voice replied upon his taking the call and done with the “hello” ritual associated with telephone conversations. The voice sounded quite familiar although he could not place it. “Kalim on the line May I know who is speaking?” He replied. “Tess on the line your Excellency, I got your contact from one of your aides.” The female voice responded. The governor threw all protocol to the wind and shouted like a teenager anticipating his first date. The privileged crowd that prayed with him was bewildered.

I was ushered into the expanse Maitama mansion of Gov. Kalim by a retinue of aides. The motorcade that chauffeured me to the lodge drove at suicidal speed. I began to imagine what occupants of such convoys go through on daily basis. Kalim was excited at seeing me and made no pretence about that. He was in no mood for idle talk considering that he immediately asked me to marry him over lunch. He opened his mind to me on his presidential ambition. “I lost you once Tess and I will not lose you again. I want you to marry me.” He proposed.”I am already married kalim. I have a happy home now and will not do anything that will hurt my spouse.” I told him. He stopped eating and fixed his gaze at me. “I shall marry you Tess because you are my woman. No man will come in between us.” He declared with an air of finality that scared me. He ordered his aides to drive me back after a well spent afternoon. He has not changed one bit. He has always been a gentleman.

The frenzy of the following week overwhelmed me. It started with my “GO” sending a parcel that contained a check of US$100,000.00, a red rose bouquet and a return ticket to Paris. It contained a note that read: “for our engagement in Paris.” I was confused and did not know what to say. My mind drifted to Michael my husband. Is it possible for me to hurt such a man? A gift to womanhood he is.  Two days later, my mind was still contemplating on what to do with my “GO” when an aide of Gov. Kalim personally delivered an orchid bouquet and a diamond wristwatch to me with a small note. It read: “My First lady, marry me and have the opportunity of changing the lives of Nigerian women for the better. That you have always craved for. Kalim.” My head began to spin.

Michael waited for two weeks without a word from Gerald. He called his telephone number several times without reply. He concluded he was in trouble and decided to visit his office in Lagos to meet with him. The dark goggled man at Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport, Abuja confirmed to his partner in Lagos that the object had boarded the Arik Airline to Murtala Mohammed Airport. The chartered car that drove Michael from the airport was intercepted by a car at the Third Mainland Bridge. Two masked men disembarked from the car and fired four shots at Michael and threw him overboard.


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