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Essay Competition: Week 47 Winners



Dear readers, the winners of the N60,000 cash price for our #Week47 Essay Competition are:

Research Essay

1. Solomon Ekoja with his essay titled Exploring The Political Apathy Among Nigerian Youths. A great research work that covered a lot of grounds and offered ‘smart’ suggestions to tackle the problem. He wins N10,000

2. Chukwuemeka Oluka with An Examination of the Youth’s Aloofness in Political Participation. The writer has established himself as a star researcher and this work further buttressed his prowess. He wins N5,000

3. Oluwatimilehin Folarin with The Helpless Nigerian Youth. A good way to return to the fold is to send in a well-crafted essay. The writer did just that. He wins N5,000.

Creative Writing

1. Erased by Enoch Akinlabi is the star essay of the week and by far received the most nominations. His exceptional story—about a character who wakes up on the brink of devastation, piecing together parts of the events that had led them to their current situation—manages to deftly explore the theme. His language is poignant and conveys both the character’s emotions and sense of place. Please go and read this wonderful story. He wins N20,000

2. Becky Peleowo’s The Monsters They Created is another well-written story that explores the fraught relationship of citizens, especially Nigerians, with security operatives. A man, after being brutalized at the hands of trigger-happy policemen, is nursed back to the world by a kind woman. He starts a new life, yet burdened and conflicted by the events that usurped his past life, he seeks justice with his story. Becky’s story has a ring of compassion around it—the kind that we wish to see in the world. She wins N10,000

3. Project Planes by Collins Undelikwo takes a different turn from his usual literary fiction to delve into the universe of the speculative. A man wakes up in a future war he has no memory of. But things progress, and he soon realises things aren’t as he’s been told they are. Brilliantly told, Collins is on the verge to become a masterful storyteller.  He wins N10,000.

The entries we received for the #Week47 showed one thing indeed: progress. It is something worthy of admiration, to see these young talents emerge and hone their skills, sharpen their use of language, and show braveness in how they tell their stories. It’s a reminder that stories are important. And with the theme, they’ve once again reminded us, the readers, that there are vast experiences of the human condition, and that the world isn’t to be reflected in monochrome.

Honourable Mentions include: 

Congratulations to all the winners!🎉

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