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Critical Thinking: The Great Courses.


The unexamined life is not worth living ~ Socrates

Do you believe that a technologically advanced alien civilization is visiting the earth at this time or anytime in the past?

Are they abducting people from their bedrooms, perhaps even right out of a heavily populated area like a large city?

Are they leaving us messages in geometric designs in wheat fields? If this is true does the government know about it? 

And if so are they engaged in a multi-generational cover-up of their knowledge of aliens? And if so why?Is human culture perhaps 

Is human culture perhaps even the human race descended from alien visitors?

How can we claim to know the answer to these questions or in fact any question?

These and many more questions are explored in a series of lectures eloquently delivered by Professor Steven Novella in the title: Your Deceptive Mind: A Scientific Guide to Critical Thinking Skills.

Together with others, they make up The Great Courses which comprise of a collection of courses from the world’s greatest professors. I recommend these materials for cerebral minds who are interested in advancing their intellect.

The lectures are delivered digitally. You can check on Goodreads, Amazon Audible or any other digital bookstore/library but make sure you grab this and learn. The lectures are amazing!

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